Best Glock 43 Sights Reviews

10 Best Glock 43 Sights Reviews & Buying Advice for 2022

Glock is popular when it comes to handguns. One of their best guns is the Glock 43. It is a single stack 9mm handgun and is the smallest Glock at nine MMS. Glock 43 is almost a perfect gun. The only part missing in this handgun is its night sights. This handgun is not intended for hunting or sport hunting or used in target practice. It is designed to save lives.

The Best Glock 43 sights will help you have accurate visibility. For better stability, you need fixed sights. You can choose adjustable sights as it enables you to improve your accuracy and hits small targets. However, if you drop, slam, or knock it, the adjustable sight may drift off target.

This best Glock 43 night sights review will help you find the appropriate sight for your handgun. We have made your selection process easy by reviewing top 10 Glock 43 night sights in the market.

Top 5 Best Glock 43 Sights Comparison in 2022

  • Weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Infinite warranty
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  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
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  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Reticle: Multiple Red and Green
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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  • Weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Reticle: 2.5 MOA Dot reticle
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Reticle: 5 MOA Dual-Color Dot
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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The 10 Best Glock 43 Sights Reviews

1. TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for Glock 42 & 43

The Truglo TFX is known for its quality and outstanding performance. It possesses a lot of significant features of the TFO design.

One of which is having a metal design to keep the fiber optic aiming points protected.

Fiber Optic Backed with Tritium

Truglo TFX fiber optic is backed with tritium, which means it glows brightly at night and easy to use daily.

The sight has a bright orange ring wrapped on the front sight, making it easy to see. Thus, you can quickly get on your target and pick up your front sight when firing.

Front Sight Focus

This is common in defensive firearms training. It is essential because if you get the front sight faster on target, you will be on the lead. The Truglo TFX enables you to take G43 to a higher level. You will not have any problem getting your sights on target or having better front sight focus.

Durable Housing and Fortress Finish

As compared to TFO sights, the TFX line is more rugged, maintaining the same brightness in all light levels. It still uses the tritium vial optic rod combination but is encapsulated in a durable housing. It has a Fortress Finish with a protective coating. The price of the sight is not as high but not cheap. Truglo TFX is worth buying.

What do I like most?
  • Impressive durabilityHigh-quality sight design for better visibility night and dayEasy to useProtected with a rust-free finish
What I didn’t like?
  • Not as cheap as the others

2. Trijicon Bright and Tough Night Sight Set for the Glock 42/43

The Trijicon night sights are the most trusted sights by the military. Trijicon Handgun is the best on the market.

This night sight is not just designed to be bright and easy to see.

It is made from aluminum, which makes it strong enough to survive even the harshest conditions.

Uses Tritium to Improve Brightness

Trijicon Tritium sights use tritium to provide a bright and continuous glow when in low light areas.

The front sight has high visibility orange ring that is helpful during daytime visibility. On the other hand, the rear sight has serration to minimize glare when shooting in bright conditions. The rear sight has two tritium lamps but is recessed and visible at night.

Ease of Installation

The sights are easy to install, but if you cannot set aside a wrench from a screwdriver, it is best to bring it to the nearest gunsmith to work on it. This brand is designed to last longer and is used by law enforcement. Glock 43 is considered a reliable backup gun by the law enforcer and ideal for serious tactical application.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Trijicon includes a Limited-Lifetime Warranty. The brand performs well on the range and in the field. And because of this, the company is one of the trusted brands for accuracy and dependability. It is the preferred scope by many hunters and also shooting enthusiasts worldwide.

What do I like most?
  • Manufactured by a reputable companyAvailable in several color combinationsDurable and great designWith Limited Lifetime WarrantyBright even in dark conditions
What I didn’t like?
  • Expensive

3. AmeriGlo Spartan Tactical Operator Glock 42 & 43 Sight Set

AmeriGlo Spartan is a high-quality option for Glock 43 night sights with three green dots illuminated with tritium.

Tritium is a radioactive material that glows in the dark. It is placed in sealed vials and used for watches, night sights, and others.

The Classic series of AmeriGlo utilizes tritium vials to produce a standard three-dot pattern.

The white outlines circling the tritium vials help the shooter see the sights brighter.

Front Sight Green Tritium

For areas with low light, the front sight has a green tritium vial. The rest of the front sight face has green photoluminescent paint. The paint brightens the area and absorbs ambient light.

In areas with low light, the place glows as it releases the absorbed light. Combined with the tritium vials, it creates a vast, bright aiming point for close, fast self-defense shootings.

Rear CAP Sight

The rear CAP sight does not have the tritium vials but a single photoluminescent line used as a low light reference. The visual confusion is removed, improving your eye’s capability to pick up the front sight fast. Because of the removal of the tritium vials on the rear, the price is reduced as well.


The Ameriglo Spartan sights are easy to install. With the right tools and some knowledge on installing it, you can do it at home. It is ideal for concealed carry and self-defense. The sights have a better edge in both bright and low light conditions.

What do I like most?
  • It can be used on bright and low light scenariosEasy to install and useWith tritium vials to brightenAvailable worldwide
What I didn’t like?
  • As compared to its competitors, the tritium lamps are less bright

4. TRUGLO Brite-Site Tritium Sights for Glock 42 & 43

Truglo is a company known for its pistol accessories.

The Truglo Tritium main feature is you will get impressive visibility even in low light conditions.

You can use this even in total darkness. This sight has helped hit the target accurately.


One of Truglo Tritium’s impressive features is its glow-in-the-dark, and it does not require any batteries or light exposure.

Unlike other gun sights, this feature will need batteries to function. This could cause a problem if you are buying the sight for security reasons. Your operation will be jeopardized because the batteries run out.

Impressive Night Visibility

Truglo Tritium sights can be used in any lighting conditions, even in pitch blackness. This is a suitable replacement for your Glock 43 factory night sights. It uses quality Swiss tritium to lighten the area.

You can use Truglo Tritium night and day as it glows brightly in both conditions. It will provide you different colors on sight to improve your shot and have a better picture anytime.

Compact Durable Design

Truglo Tritium has a compact snag-free design and provides a longer sight radius. It has a durable construction that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Durability is a vital factor you should be focusing on when buying night sights since it will help you save money and time. You can depend on this sight for many years without worrying.

What do I like most?
  • It does not require batteriesDurable construction that will last longEasy to use and installEasy to carry with its compact snag-free designIt can be used night and day
What I didn’t like?
  • Translucent in bright conditions

5. Glock Factory Night Sight Set for Glock 43

Many handgun owners would not look past Glock Factory Night Sight.

It is known for its quality and great value for money.

And since it has the same brand, you get the assurance it will be compatible with your Glock 43.

It has a simple design and can fit almost all Glock pistols. The height and style of the conventional Glock sights remain the same. Thus they are easy to install.

Works Best Night and Day

The tritium contrast points make the targets clear, whether night or day. At night the inserts glow green, and it glows white during the day. The front sight and the 6.5 mm high rear hights work together to hit the target accurately and quickly. This feature is needed when self-defense is required in low-light conditions.

Three-Dot Aiming System

Glock Factory Night Sight applies a three-dot aiming system, one front lamp, two rear, and a contrasting white ring. The white rings will help you line up shots both during the night and day. It has a rugged metal design that will last throughout the lifespan of your handgun.

Screw-In-Type Front Sight

With its screw-in-type front sight, you can easily install it in position without the risk of falling off when using it. And since it is compatible with Glock handguns, you don’t have to learn how to use other sighting methods within the firearms range.

What do I like most?
  • Because of its simple design, it is easy to useDurable constructions that will last for a lifetimeRecommended by military and handgun ownersWorks during day and nightCompatible with all Glock handguns
What I didn’t like?
  • May have difficulty picking the targets in excessive light

6. XS Sights Minimalist Night Sight for Glock 43 Pistols

Minimalist X.S. Sights Tritium knows that if one talks about concealed carry pistol, simple is better and faster.

If you are after speed without distractions to get on your target fast, this is the best sight for you.

Minimalist Tritium provides you the best sight and quick acquisition regardless of the lighting conditions.

Tritium Vial

The X.S. Sights Minimalist Night Sights are reliable both at night or day. It has a tritium vial that can help you view the target even in total darkness. A photoluminescent Glow Dot surrounds the tritium absorbing ambient light. High contrast dots in bright light can also glow in limited light conditions. It provides you a perfect view of the target in any lighting conditions.

Durable Blued Steel

The durable blued steel of X.S. night sights is rugged enough to withstand rigorous use, like dropping it or using them in racking the slide against the hard surface. Its anti-glare rear sight has precision machined self-shadowing serrations, which ensures it will remain in the dark. Mount it slightly angled toward the shooter, making the eye’s focusing on the front sight, and the target is where it should be.

CNC Machined

CNC machined X.S. Minimalist Night Sights are made of steel and manufactured in the U.S. It is designed for any Glock pistol and provides you the fastest line to the front post, and aims at the target anytime. It costs less than others and is backed up by a 10-year warranty.

What do I like most?
  • Easy to installReliable any time of the dayWith a 10-year no question warrantyIt is durable and can withstand any conditions
What I didn’t like?
  • Focuses more on the front sightMay get rust after several months

7. Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sights Compatible with Glock 43

Night Fision is new in the industry, but they are not new when using tritium.

The company is somewhat related to the U.S. Army Tritium Lensatic Compass.

Since they have enough knowledge about tritium, working with pistol sights is easy for them, and most of their clients are their previous buyers.

The features of their Night Fision Dot Night Sights make their product appealing to many handgun users.

Bright Night View

Night Fision has one of the brightest night views in the industry today. As compared to its competitors, it has 30% more tritium, which makes it accurate in low light and even in total darkness. Among the night sights in the market, it has the longest illumination warranty at 16 years.

Chip-Free Ballistic Polymer Ring

Night Fision sights feature a domed lens design with an optically structured dome for optimum visibility. A patented glow ring provides an entirely glowing front sight picture day and night. The ring is made of ballistic polymer that is chip-free, crack-free, peel-free, or fade-free even during the harshest conditions.

CNC Machined

Night Fision sights are CNC machined from premium quality steel, and lenses are made from the same materials used in making bulletproof glass. It is packed with more tritium gas every sight to ensure its sights will be the brightest in the market.

What do I like most?
  • Available in different colored outlines for front sight postDurable and sturdyAesthetically attractiveEasy to installLongest illumination warranty (16 years)
What I didn’t like?
  • A bit expensive than others

8. HIVIZ GL2014 Glock Interchangeable LITEWAVE Front Handgun Sight

The Litewave GL2014 offers high-end fiber optic sights combining tritium with fiber optics.

It resulted in several sights that are ready to use 24/7. This sight can navigate any lighting conditions.

Hiviz Litewave is designed at the same height as the regular Glock OEM sight. Because of this feature that sights are invisible.

Weather Resistant and Durable Design

Hiviz Litewave sights are quite durable, weather-resistant, and can fit all the standard handguns. If you want, the sights can alternate colors. The all-black Hiviz features a bright green tritium insert which is brighter than others.

The upper part of the front sight is exposed, having a diagonal wave pattern. This exposure enables the tritium to collect light as it stays protected from getting damaged. It has a serrated design used in reflecting the peripheral light.

Made of Premium Quality Materials

These sights are made of premium quality materials to withstand the test of time. It is then tested thoroughly by the shooters to make sure they are durable enough when used during operations. It is made of chemical-resistant materials and injection-molded to obtain the optimum brightness and a continuous sight picture.

Fits Any Condition

The Hiviz Litewave sights can fit any shooter and condition because of its easy changeable LitePipes. It has the biggest breadth of SKUs to fit a wide array of shotguns, rifles, and handguns in the market today. The sights are interchangeable for windage and include a 12-year warranty.

What do I like most?
  • Diagonal wave pattern to protect the tritiumIt can fit all the Glock modelsThe serrated face on the front sightThe price is reasonable
What I didn’t like?
  • It has no painted ring around the tritium

9. AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot Green with Orange Outline Sight Set for Glock 42/43

AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot is a quality night sight you should have for your handgun to help you aim even in low-light conditions.

This pistol sights brand is made from steel and has a green tritium insert on the front sight.

It has white photoluminescent to help you aim at the target clearly during the day.

Swiss Tritium Light Source

The AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot front and rear night sights are made of a Swiss tritium light source that assures the users it will be bright and practical longer. Even the bar stock steel will last for a long time because it is durable.

Single Tritium Lamp at the Rear Sight

The single tritium lamp at the rear sight helps bring your eye to the front sight for quicker target acquisition. The manufacturer of AmeriGlo sight focuses on speed to become effective during those split-second moments where you cannot waste time to line up the traditional three-dot sight. Place the front dot on your target and touch the trigger. Installing the sights is easy and provides a massive upgrade from your Glock sights.


The AmeriGlo Tritium sights are easy to install. You can do it at home if you have the right tools. If you think you need expert help, you can go to any gunsmith near you. This sight is ideal for concealed carry and self-defense. They have a better edge for bright and low-light scenarios. Also, they are affordable.

What do I like most?
  • Easy to installPriced reasonablyReliable both on night and dayDurableQuick target acquisition
What I didn’t like?
  • Limited options when it comes to outlines

10. XS R3D Tritium Night Sights for Glocks 42, 43, 43X, & 48

XS R3D Night Sights has three-dot tritium with a mark and post-sight image.

The rear is all black to increase the front sight contrast, and you can choose which front sight color you prefer, green or orange. 

The package includes a front sight installation tool, which fits the front sight screw perfectly to make the installation process more manageable. You don’t have to buy a hex tool.

Ember Glow Dot Technology

The Ember makes the sights glow in the dark by absorbing the ambient light. The front tritium lamp provides power to Ember dot and keeps it functional.

Thus, making the front sight light brighter than the rear, which keeps the focus downrange. The R3D night sights are the brightest option for accurate and fast shooting both in low and bright light. The Ember Glow Dot Technology helps cover mid-light levels.

Built To Last Longer

XS R3D Night Sights is CNC machined using steel bar stock to last longer. The steel construction makes sure the sight will not get damaged even if you drop it or rack off barricades.

The steel surface is blued and cleaned and oil regularly to make sure it won’t rust. It is chemically resistant to acetone-based cleaning solutions. Cleaning the convex dot is easy using only a clean cloth.

3-Dot Tritium Rear Sights

The combination of the two rear tritium lamps’ glow intensity and the higher glowing surface area in the front makes it glow brighter than any other fronts. Its front sights use a tritium lamp twice as brilliant and 30% bigger than an individual lamp from the 2-dot rear.

What do I like most?
  • It has steel construction, makes it very durableEasy to install and useHelpful both on bright and low light conditionsIncludes installation tools
What I didn’t like?
  • It needs to be filed down to fit

What You Need to Know When Buying the Best Glock 43 night sights?

Choosing the Glock 43 night sights is not easy. It requires you to have some knowledge, read reliable reviews and understand your preference. It would help if you were cautious in buying it since you will be using the tool for your safety. We have enumerated below some of the factors you need to consider when purchasing a Glock 43 sight.


The first thing you need to focus on when purchasing a sight is its durability. Your chosen Glock sights should be reliable. It should be made of steel and with a durable aiming reference. Go for solid inserts and stay away from sights with epoxy or paint. This product needs to have a warranty, so choose the manufacturer with an enticing offer. Do not trust those sights on sale.

Trust only reliable companies with good reviews as their products are well built and have undergone several tests. As a result, they provide high-quality and tough night sights. Their products have aesthetic value and functionality.

The Dot

The dot can be colored red, green, orange, yellow, and others. Choose the one you feel bright to you. If you will use it during the day, pick the Glock sights designed for daytime use. On the other hand, if you need to get a replacement to help you see at night, there are many of them.

Ease of Use

You might have a hard time hitting the target if the sight you choose is not easy to use. It is one factor you should focus on more. If there is one thing most sight manufacturers are improving, it’s the simplicity of using it to improve user experience. Choosing an adaptable and easy-to-use sight can help you achieve your goal.


Size and weight are two factors that handgun owners typically miss when searching for the correct sights. Many of them focus on aesthetics and style. They forgot that size or weight is more essential than appearance. Size is vital for portability and should your top consideration. Glock sights are available in various shapes and designs. Not all may fit a single approach.


All Glock sights are accurate. The problem is not all will fit the shooters. Determine which one will help you in shooting accurately. Make sure the sight you buy will function correctly during the time you needed it the most. Therefore, if it performs well at night, you will be more accurate at that time.


If you are a fan of handguns and have been purchasing accessories for your gun, you will understand why resiliency is vital. You should handle your sights with care, so it will perform at its best and perform well. Being waterproof and rust-free sights are an example of being resilient.

Shooting Range

Aiming capability is vital in choosing the night sight. You need to estimate the distance you should be accurate at, then decide which will provide the best. If you will be using your handgun for short shooting ranges, the I-Dot setup is recommended.

You can choose the three-Dots and the one-Dot sights with notches on the rear sight in a square shape for medium-range aiming. Long-distance aim night sights are recommended for Glock 19. For above-average shooting skills, finding a night sight with over 50 yards shooting range is a good option. The two and three-Dot setups are ideal for this category.


Most of the night sights come with a warranty, and for those without, you can check reviews on how long it will last. This will give you a lot of savings as you do not have to buy again and again.

The materials used in manufacturing will have an impact on the size, durability, and strength. If it is reliable, you will place it on top of your list, but you will consider other factors. The important thing here is you should know what you are purchasing so you will not get frustrated. Of course, seeing your sight fall apart after several weeks is not good.


The primary function of tritium lamps and fiber options in a night sight is for illumination. The tritium lamp is the most preferred for many handgun users for night sights since it can provide the lighting needed when in total darkness. It will be brighter when exposed to direct light all day.  The fiber optic lamps require a light source to charge them and are incredibly bright. Some night sights combined tritium lamps and fiber optic lamps, so if you can afford to buy one, the better. You will get better lighting night and day and even in total darkness.


For those who can afford it, price is not an issue. They can purchase the most expensive with all the good features. But for those who are on a budget, price matters. The belief that if the product is more costly, it is better than a less costly one. This is not always the case. Some cost less, but they still possess all the features a specific product should have. Decide how much you can afford to spend on the product. You don’t need to change your budget to get another.

Tips to avoid the serious mistakes when choosing Glock 43 sights

Mistakes should be avoided when deciding which Glock 43 sights to purchase. Some of the errors committed are as follows:

Buying the First Sights You Like

Sights are created differently, and they vary significantly in quality and how bright they are. Never buy the first product you see, as most of the time, you still haven’t seen the best item. This mistake is not only common when buying Glock 43 sights but all products.

It is best to do some research first, like what brand is highly recommended, check if it possesses the features you need, and others. You will not regret taking some time to evaluate the products before buying them.

Not Improving Your Sights

Glock pistols come with minimalistic and polymer factory sights. So, if you have plans on upgrading your sights, make sure to buy night sights made of steel and glow at night or in the dark.

Failed to Test the Product

Purchasing sights online without testing them first is a big mistake as it may have some problems that you overlooked. The best thing to do is to visit your local gun or sporting goods store and check out various sights available rather than buying one right away.

How to install Night sights on a Glock 43x?

Installing the Glock 43-night sights can be done by experts, but some with knowledge on how to do it are considering it as DIY work. But if you have doubts, it is better to go to your local gunsmith and let them do the installation.

It depends on how you take the work. If you know how to use the tools and machinery involved, it will be an easy job. The tools used in installing the Glock 43 night sights are readily available online and at hardware stores, and they will not cost you much.

The tools needed to install sights include a hammer with aluminum, brass, or hard plastic heads and brass punches. A durable vise with non-marring is also required. You can also place thin pieces of scrap plywood or thick cardboard on the sides of your slide. The steel teeth of your vise can damage the slide if you clamp it directly. For rear sight work, you need a specialized tool like a dedicated sight pusher tool.

Glock 43 front Sight installation

 A. Steps on Glock 43 Front Sight Installation

Step #1 Disassemble

In anything you do, safety is always the most important thing. Check the gun and carry out a field strip. Ensure the barrel and spring are removed. This is a standard procedure when installing the front and rear sights.

Using the nut driver, remove the old front sight. To safe keep the screws, we suggest you screw it back into the sight once the old sight is removed.

Step #2 Place the New Front Sight

Put the new front night sight facing the right direction and apply a medium strength thread locker dab on the new screw. Hold the front sight tightly so it won’t pop out. Then screw it in. Make sure not to torque too much as it can break the screw. Check if the sight is tight.

Image courtesy flickr

B. Steps on Glock 43 Rear Sight Installation

Step #1 Disassemble

Place on the nylon jaws in your vise and put the slide. Get your nylon punch and hammer. Then start hitting the old plastic sight.

Step #2 Place the New Rear Sight

Position the new rear sight. Start hammering it with nylon punch until it is near to the center. You can hit it with a hammer if it still off. Make sure the empty edges are even. If everything seems to be set, test it in the range.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Glock 43 sights worth buying?

The Glock 43 sights are worth buying as you can get all the help you need to hit your target. These sights help you become more accurate, more reactive, and shot faster to defend yourself on any occasion.

Q: Are Glock 43 and 43X sights the same?

Glock 43 has white dot front sight and a standard polymer rear sight. Also available are the Glock night sights made of ordinary steel for G43. The G43X, on the other hand, has standard polymer and three more configurations of sights such as Glock night sights, traditional steel, and Ameriglo.

Q: Is the Glock 43 reliable?

The Glock 43 is the best option if you search for a 9mm single stack and high-quality carry a gun. As compared to the fuller-sized firearms, it is snappier but with a wide array of aftermarket accessories. It is reliable and has a good track record.

Q: Is Glock 43 good for home defense?

Glock 43 is considered the best self-defense in the market. It is a semi-compact handgun built for easy handling. It is the best arsenal for civilians who require to carry the firearm discretely.

Q: What are the best sights for a Glock 43?

You can find hundreds of night sights for your Glock 43. The best one will depend on your preference. Just make sure the one you choose is reliable, durable, and compatible with your Glock 43.

Q: Are Glock 43 Sights adjustable?

New user’s even professionals, appreciate the flexibility of the adjustable rear sight, which is mounted to the slide through the sight mounting tool. The front sight, on the other hand, is screwed on and available in two various heights.

Q: Can you put a red dot on a Glock 43?

Yes, you can. It will help you see your target clearer. The red dot is a great help to anyone with failing eyes.

Q: Will night sights for Glock 43 fit 43X?

Yes, Glock, 43-night sights will work fine with 43X.

Q: Are Glock factory night sights good?

To some Glock factory night, sights work fine, but if you use the Glock for competition or conceal carry, it’s okay to get some better sights.

Q: What sights fit my Glock 43?

Most of the night sights will fit Glock 43, and even the Glock 19 sights will fit Glock 43. Only it has a bigger slide.

Final Verdict

After reviewing the ten best Glock 43 Night Sights in the market today, recommending the ideal product is not easy. The primary purpose of replacing the night sights in your Glock 43 handgun is to improve the target’s visibility not only during the day but also at night or when the light condition is low.

The best night sight for us is the TRUGLO TFX Pro Night Sight. It has better visibility in any lighting condition and an impressive design in the rear sight. With its serrated and angled surface, glaring is minimized. A U notch is added on the rear sight to enhance the sight acquisition that works perfectly together with tritium phosphor lamps. It does not matter if the area is bright or dark. The illumination remains at its best.

It does not matter how much you can spend on night sight. You can find one compatible with your pistol. Focus on the above factors to consider, and you will not get wrong. Do some research and read reliable reviews. These will help you decide wisely.

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