Best Green Laser Sight for AR 15

Best Green Laser Sight for AR 15 | Top 10 Picks in 2022

Would you stop your target acquisition at the expense of darkness or a low-light environment? We presume not.

A confident shooter believes that a competent laser sight can tackle every low to no light condition.

But how do you determine the best green laser sight for ar 15 when the marketplace is swamped with plenty of available options?

You’ll definitely look for a neutral and brag-free guide to find the best green laser rifle sight possible. Thus, we’re presenting a fully packed article about AR 15 laser scope with every bit of information you need to know.

Now, each AR-15 owner has specific requirements for a laser. If you’re nowhere near selecting the suitable laser sight for yourself, our review guide might come in handy.

We’ve pinpointed every factor that needs acknowledgment. Be it choosing the best AR-15 laser sight for yourself or discovering the magnitude of laser sight features.

Top 5 Best Green Laser Sight for AR 15 Comparison in 2022

  • Weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Infinite warranty
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  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
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  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Reticle: Multiple Red and Green
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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  • Weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Reticle: 2.5 MOA Dot reticle
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Reticle: 5 MOA Dual-Color Dot
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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What Is an AR-15 Laser Sight?

AR-15 laser sights are small devices you can attach to your firearm to get precise target acquisition.

The laser projects a ray of light onto your target, and the target’s surface will display the laser. It helps the shooter to get the best shot even in the nighttime.

Laser sights are available for many different firearms. However, not many are compatible with the AR-15. Thus, we’ve created this article to help you make the most out of it.

Laser sights also have the power to project more light onto the reference frame. This helps the shooter in acquiring the best sight alignment. Target acquisition is made a lot easier as well with the rail mounting advantage.

Having a laser sight pinpoint your target is extremely useful when the target is moving. It ensures the impact of the bullet is predicted correctly.

Without a laser sight, you’d have to use your best iron sights to focus, which is also time-consuming. With moving targets, it’s almost impossible to aim correctly. Hence, a laser sight can come in handy in such situations.

When training a novice, laser sight can come in handy. They help the shooter to get an idea about how the rifle works when following a target. People practicing on moving target practice require the help of an AR-15 Laser sight to become a professional.

Especially during hunting, the laser pointer can be highly beneficial. Whether the target is in the air or ground, a shooter can aim and shoot in the blink of an eye without mounting.

However, there are options to do rail mounting with almost every reputable laser. Laser sight for ar-15 mainly helps you during the night. The night vision lasers are the best for shooting entirely in the dark. However, this is for military-grade use only.

The 10 Best Green Laser Sight for AR 15 Reviews

Our extensive team of researchers has thoroughly gone through every competing laser to find the best green laser rifle sight in the market.

Shortlisting the products, we’ve prepared a list of 10 lasers for AR15. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Green Laser Sight System by Ozark Armament – 5mw 532nm

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Our top pick for the best ar-15 rifle laser sight is the green laser sight by Ozark Armament. Undoubtedly, this laser sight lets you have the most freedom with the lighting, whether it’s day or night time.

If you’re on a budget yet looking for the best lightweight ar-15 sight, this is the one for you.

The Ozark Armament laser is unparalleled when it comes to durability and tough construction. If recoil withstanding force matters to you, you won’t be disappointed with this AR- 15 laser sight as it allows you to maintain your grip.

Extremely DurableThe laser sight is built with aircraft aluminum materials which make it extremely sturdy. The material is extremely durable, allowing it to hold its own during adverse situations.
LightweightThis laser sight is the most powerful green laser gun sight. It isalso extremely lightweight, weighing 6 ounces.
Rail and Barrel MountingAttaching the green rifle laser is easier than ever with the rail and barrel mounting options.
Battery-poweredThe brightest green laser sight is battery powered with a CR123A battery which you’ll find pre-included in the packaging. It’s also power-saving, as you can turn it on and off anytime.
Distant Dot CastingThe laser can shoot up to 100 yards of dot during the daytime and an impressive 1-mile using night vision.


One of the brightest laser sights in the market

Extremely convenient to zero



Sturdy and durable


Wide barrel mount

Loose detent

Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Rechargeable Strobe Green Laser Sight

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The Ade Advanced Optics HG54G is one of the brightest laser sights to stumble upon, mainly if you want it to be legalized.

This product is simply made for those who prioritize the brightness of the laser before anything else. The laser can run three hours at a stretch without any change in output after the first full recharge.

Not only the brightness but also the lithium polymer battery gives it a new and upgraded feel. The battery has a six hundred-plus lifespan limit. You can also use the laser in any firearm possible with the help of an accessory rail.

Best Features

Magnetic CableIf you find that installing batteries or plugging cables into firearms is exhausting, this laser sight is a must-have for the magnetic cable feature. The magnets cling on and charge themselves without any hassle.
Lithium Polymer BatteryThis battery gives an unparalleled three-hour usage time with one charge, unlike any other battery.
Brightest Laser Permitted by LawAccording to the national laws for laser brightness that isn’t harmful, this laser peaks to the fullest during night and day.
Extra-Wide Trigger GuardTrigger guards are essential to prevent misfires. For people with shaky hands, having the extra-wide trigger guard is highly beneficial.
Solid-Zero MovementThe convenient pat pending mounting design makes sure the recoil makes a solid zero without much hassle.


Lightweight and durable

Optimized magnetic cable

Adjustable for any firearm

Easy solid-zero recoil

Brightest laser lawfully permitted


Complex center adjustment

Minimal rail clamp

Survival Land LS-300 Tactical Green Laser Sight

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Next up on our list is a masterpiece from Survival Land, the LS-300 Shockproof 532 nm laser. If you want a laser that is extraordinarily visible in comparison to the biological capacity of the human eye, this laser will do the job.

It’s undoubtedly the best AR laser sight with a military-grade camera.

The powerful green laser sight has a wavelength of 532 nm and installs easily on any firearm. Besides, the adjustments are easy to make with move-in transit.

Furthermore, the in-built two-way switch comes in handy for anyone operating with pressure switches. As for zeroing your firearm, the metal 22mm Picatinny Rail combined with the 1″ Barrel Clamp Mount will do just fine.

Best Features

Powerful LaserThe laser sight is compelling as it’s four times more visible to the human eye. The laser can reach 300 ft during the day and 1000 ft during the night, which is incredibly convenient.
Optimized Barrel AdaptersUnlike similar laser pointers, Survival Land has taken the liberty to provide 1″ ring and barrel adapters to mount the sight easily.
Durable and SturdyThe material of the laser sight is built with anodized aluminum, which provides a sturdy grip and durability in adverse conditions.
Adaptable Wind DeflectionEasy calibration can be executed with the adjustable windage and elevation provided by the remote pressure switch.  


Unbeatable laser clarity

Sturdy aluminum build

Optimized rail mounting for 20mm Picatinny or Weaver

Water and shockproof

Two-way switch


It doesn’t come with a charger

Flimsy flashlight

 Pinty Hunting Rifle Green Laser Sight

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What if we tell you that this green laser sight can withstand serious abuse and adverse weather condition?

Surely, having a tough laser sight with great endurance is no less than a flex. Let us introduce you to this heavy-duty green laser sight from Pinty Hunting.

All credit goes to the aluminum aerospace build for amplifying the tolerance level to any adversity or critical situations.

Moving on, if you’re wondering about the power of this laser, then brace yourself. Pinty Hunting has equipped their advanced green laser that has 300ft to 1000 ft of visibility during the day and night, respectively.

Another exciting part about the laser is that it comes with remote control. Not all lasers succeed in offering this, and it’s particularly advantageous when you want to rail your firearm and move away.

The company also provides a complimentary 1″-barrel clamp mount and figure 8 mount. You can attach the mounting with any 20 mm rail base without any issue.

Best Features

Budget-friendlyWhether you’re a novice or a professional looking for a budget-friendly laser sight, this is the one for you. The price of the laser sight will surely not empty your pockets.
DurabilityThe body material is aerospace aluminum, which is highly durable and sturdy in different scenarios. It’s also waterproof and dirtproof.  
Extensive RangeThe optimum visibility of 300 ft during the day and 1000 ft during the night gives the laser sight a premium feel.
Easy to UseThe Pinty Hunting rifle is easy to set up, rail, and zero to your convenience.  
Remote Control SystemThe laser sight is operable with remote control, even from a distance.  


Unbeatable visibility

It comes with a remote control

You can use it for astronomical purposes



Easy to operate


May burn if the laser is pointed at someone

Batteries drain fast

Pvnoocy Green Laser Sight with Offset Picatinny Rail Mount

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If you’re someone having problems while zeroing which most probably changes due to vibration, you’ll love the following product on our list.

Pvnoocy’s Green Laser Sight is claimed to be the best green laser sight for ar-15 by many.

The company ensures to send a professional offset rail mount that fits 20 mm Picatinny rails. Hence, it can be attached to any compatible firearm.

The QD cam lock makes the stability vastly impressive. Moreover, it comes with an Allen wrench to make the welding process easier.

Also, the Pvnoocy green laser sight is a multipurpose laser used by any novice, professionals, astronomers, etc.

Best Features

Fast MountingThe rail mounts can be detached and attached very quickly in the laser sight.
Sturdy BuildThe material of the laser sight is aerospace aluminum with a hard-anodized finishing. The build feels premium and high quality, making it one of the perfect laser sights.  
Extremely StableThe rail mounts and QD cam lock provides unparalleled stability.
Perfect ZeroFully customizable windage and elevation make zeroing the ar-15 easy.  
Pressure SwitchesIt comes with a two-mode pressure switch and a dual-switch tail cap which makes one-hand operation extremely easy.


Fully one-hand operational

It comes with a QD cam lock

Unparalleled stability

Complimentary rail mounting can be done quickly

5mW green beam provides clear clarity


The battery runs out fast

It doesn’t reach the max distance during day time

UUQ 1X30 4 MOA Green Red Dot Sight with Green Laser

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Next up on our list is the UUQ 1×30 4 MOA Green Laser Sight. If you are on the lookout for a laser sight with brightness adjustability, you’ll fall in love with this product.

The most exciting thing about this laser sight is that it comes with seven different brightness levels for each color. You can easily control the light patterns by two knobs attached to the laser sight.

The build of the laser body is highly durable because of the complete metal construction. Another exciting thing about the laser sight is the removable spring-loaded flip lens cover, which helps quick rail attachment.

Best Features

Sturdy buildFull metal body build ensures durability. It is optimized with waterproof and shockproof properties.
Money-Back GuaranteeIf you don’t like the product, you can return it without any questions asked within a month of buying. It also has a year-long guarantee.
Customizable Light SettingsIt has seven different light levels with various colors to choose from. It works the best at night.  
Precise ZeroingWindage and elevation adjustments make zeroing your firearm easy.
Red Dot BrightnessIt has five different levels for red and green illuminated dots for precise targeting.  


Different levels of light settings

Multiple lights

Perfect for large targets

Crystal clarity red dot

Quick 20mm universal rail mounting


Not suitable for smaller targets

Needs screwdriver to change adjustment dials

Gogoku Tactical Green Laser Sight with Rail Mount

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Who doesn’t want a battery with enhanced runtime and effectiveness? Extended battery life is desirable, especially when you’re hoping for some prolonged shooting session in a low-light environment.

While speculating about it, only one name popped into our mind, and it’s the Gogoku Tactical Green Laser Sight. It comes with a 16340-battery delivering a high-power outage.

Gone are the days where you have to worry about fiddling with the batteries. With this laser sight, you can easily plug and play.

The laser is made of 532 nm wavelength, which is the highest wavelength permitted by law. Hence, there’s no doubt that this laser is one of the brightest ones in the market.

The body of the rechargeable laser sight for AR 15 is made of high-grade aluminum with precise recoiling to get the perfect zero out of your firearm.

On top of that, it is optimized with two different switches that adapt to your needs.

Best Features

Two Different SwitchYou can shift between using the general switch or the cable switch accordingly.
Long-range visibilityThe laser sight has high visibility in any environment, even in adverse conditions.
Dual Mounting SystemGogoku Tactical Lasers have a dual mounting system that helps to mount the firearm to the laser.
Powerful BatteryThe battery can last more than 3 hours at a stretch.
Sturdy ZeroingAll the laser sight attachments are made perfectly, making it one of the best laser sights to mount rail upon.


Extremely impressive battery

The dual mounting system is easy to use


Two different switches

Best recoil grip for the perfect zero


Large body

Loose screws

JDAMALEYWO Tactical Laser Sight

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Next up on our list, we have the JDAMALEYWO Tactical Laser Sight to give you the best bang for your buck. However, don’t be too quick to judge its performance by its low price point. It surely gets its job done!

Since this tactical laser sight is machined from high-end aluminum, you can rest assured about its durability. Here, when it’s measured in inches, it is 1.67 inches in length, 1.2 inches in width, and 1.34 inches in height.

Besides, it weighs 1.3 ounces, which is about right. When you place your purchase, you will be buying a low-profile green laser.

Both the light and the green laser may be regulated separately. The inclusion of ambidextrous side buttons enables this functionality.

You can also find other items included in the packaging, such as an Allen wrench, an instruction manual, and more amenities.

Even though this unit claims to be compatible with all tiny and sub-compact weapons, it is advised that you first confirm the available “clean space.”

That is because your weapon should have at least one inch more open space than a standard 29mm.

Best Features

LED Red Dot and LaserThe LED lights and the green laser are powered by a rechargeable battery built inside the gadget.
Battery ChargingA USB charging cable is included with the purchase to make charging as easy as possible. You won’t have to change the batteries now and then.
Multiple Output OptionsWhen it comes to output, there are two options: ‘Steady On’ and ‘Strobe,’ both of which have a 500-lumen output and a runtime of 55 minutes.
High-Quality LaserThe L8 precision green laser has a maximum peak beam intensity of 5mW and operates at a wavelength of 532nm, making it an effective precision tool.


Fast charging

Multiple switch options

Suitable for both hand use

Works with standard 29 mm railing

Easy to mount


It doesn’t have a premium feel to it

Rain attachment may be looser than usual

NcStar Pistol and Rifle Green Laser

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This laser sight is the most reputable for being a light-laser combo. NcStar is another company that focuses on producing laser sights for various firearms such as pistols and rifles.

Its mission is to provide quality optics and sporting accessories at affordable prices. And so is the purpose of this NcStar Pistol and Rifle Green Laser.

Nylon and aluminum combine to make the NcStar Tactical Green Laser Light lightweight and durable.

This is a simple attachment to the weapon’s bottom rail, and it is just as easy to remove with a lever. It produces 200 lumens of light without any issue. 

If you utilize this combination, you may expect one hour of battery life. If you use one of the two, however, the battery will last a maximum of 11 hours.

Finally, you will surely appreciate the peripheral illumination and balancing beam provided by the parabolic reflector.

Best Features

HeavyweightThe laser weighs around 3.8 ounces, making it perfect for everyone who likes their laser sight to be heavy.
Easy Glock TriggersIt is very easy to put on a Glock’s trigger guards. Even before you switch on the laser and remove the target, this laser light will help you detect any risk. Best for Larger Targets: With the C4 LED light and the 640 to 660nm red laser, you will be able to strike your target accurately.
Light-Laser ComboThe user of this laser sight has the benefit of using laser and light simultaneously. Additionally, you may turn on the brilliant green laser independently or simultaneously with the light. Of course, if required, you may leave the light on its own.
Suitable for Both HandsThe ambidextrous switch toggles between momentary and continuous modes, the latter of which may produce a strobing effect.  


Has remote pressure switches

Universal fitting for 29mm rails

One of the best LED and laser combo

Nylon and aluminum make the body extremely durable

Class IIIA Laser Product


Heavier than usual

The battery runs out fast

Feyachi GL6 Green Laser Sight

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If you like hunting and coming to the range as a target shooter, you’ll love this green laser sight.

A good green laser sight will significantly improve your experience of hunting moving objects. The Feyachi GL6 is a fantastic product, so don’t pass it up!

The Feyachi GL6 Green Laser Sight has a CLASS IIIa green laser with a maximum power of 5mw and a wavelength of 532 nm. This means it will work in all weather conditions while still delivering a highly visible green laser.

It ensures a range of up to 100-300ft during the day and 1000ft at night. Furthermore, the adjustable pressure switch on this gadget gives you ample flexibility.

Best Features

Non-interfering BeamWe appreciate that it’s made of aerospace-grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish and that the windage and elevation are fully adjustable. This allows for greater flexibility in hand or accessory placement without interfering with the beam.  
Suitable for Novice and ProfessionalsThe Feyachi GL6 is a great option for beginners and professionals in several situations, including moving target use.  
Best Rail Mount DesignThe ML87 Mlok rail mount offset design provides the best hand support.  
High-Quality LaserThe 532 nm wavelength laser has crystal clear clarity and provides long ranges day and night.


Unique ML87 Mlok rail mount offset design

Made from high-quality materials

Sturdy and durable for the aerospace material build

Great for beginners

Suitable for use on small targets


Not ideal for large targets

Can’t handle larger recoils

How to Choose the Best Green Laser Rifle Sight? – Buyers Guide

When you’re on a budget and have straight priorities, it’s better to list the features of the things you may want in your laser sight.

Many people get confused about deciding which laser sight to get for themselves. Hence, we’ve jotted down a few of the pointers below to help you figure out how to buy the best green laser sight for ar-15:


The first priority on your list when getting a laser sight should be its durability. Your laser sight should be durable enough to handle adverse conditions.

The best way to ensure durability is to look for lasers built with certified aerospace materials.

The laser must also be built from stainless aluminum to ensure it doesn’t rust or corrode. Whether you’re in the coldest or the most humid region of your country, your laser sight should be able to keep up.

The manufacturer should build the glass of the laser sight from suitable materials as well. To make sure of it, do the fog test.

Make sure to test whether it fogs up by walking into an air-conditioned room and stepping into an average temperature immediately. Notice if it fogs up.


Brightness is an important factor when considering the best ar-15 laser sight. Do you want a laser that you can alternatively use for astronomical purposes?

Should your laser have the quality to adapt during nighttime? Ask yourself the two questions to figure out the best one for you.

The ideal lasers should have a wavelength of 532 nm, which is the laser limit lawfully.

The more the brightness of the laser, the more usable it is for the night. Green laser is the brightest laser sight you can use at night and day, both 300 ft. and 1000 ft., respectively.

On the other hand, a red laser is a laser you can only use during the night. It’s not as bright as the green laser. But it doesn’t damage the eye in any way, unlike green laser, which is a bit harmful.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental considerations are essential when picking out a laser sight for yourself. Your laser sight should be waterproof, shockproof, and be able to withstand any weather conditions.

When laser sights are used for military-grade use, mounting is critical. Your laser should be able to point at the target despite the humidity and air density. Here, the brightness of the laser plays a good role.

The brighter and stronger your laser, the better it will be for adverse weather conditions.

Windage and elevation calibrations are critical to zero your ar-15 laser sight. Even in challenging environments, stability shouldn’t be a concern, so keep that in mind when shopping for a laser sight.

Ease of use

Your laser sight should be very easy to use. Primarily, it should possess the quality to mount rails faster than they’re supposed to be. This helps when you’re working with moving targets in the field while hunting.

As a rule of thumb, you should remember to aim the laser at the target within 5 seconds of spotting it. Many laser sights require calibration before you use them. Make sure to avoid those lasers.

Ensuring that the laser sight comes with a user manual on how to mount it fast is essential. You should check reviews for how fast it can be mounted before buying a laser sight.

Tactical Light

It would be best if you aimed to get a laser sight with a tactical light. If you especially plan to use your laser sight at nighttime, it’s better to have a tactical light and laser combo with you in case one of them decides to fail on you.

Color of the Laser

It’s essential to consider the color of your laser. For generations, people have debated over which is better, the green or the red laser. We’re here to tell you it entirely depends on your priorities.

The green laser is a lot brighter in comparison to the red laser. However, it’s not safe to point a green laser at someone as it’s very damaging.

We recommend you use the green laser. However, you can also opt for the red laser if you want something less intense.

Mounting Type

Your laser sight’s mountain type is essential to consider. Rail-mounted options are adaptable to Picatinny and Weaver rails. The ring is simple to install, but depending on the rifle type, it may create issues.

Before buying one, make sure it is compatible with your weapon and does not need the rail component.

There are also single-piece mounting attachments with better zero holds. If feasible, you should use this kind of connection.

Which Laser Sight Is Better Green Or Red?

If you’re wondering whether the green or the red laser is the one for you, it’s the green laser. In comparison, the green laser has a better performance than the red one. The red laser isn’t as bright for the human eye to perceive during daylight.

However, not everyone has the same preferences. Some people find the red dot a lot easier on the eye and safer to use. In many countries, powerful green lasers are banned.

The ban is the result of how powerful they can be. If you stand in front of the green lasers for more than a few seconds, you may get a laser burn.  Hence, it’s essential to use the green laser safely.

However, if you’re looking to save money and work with the laser at night, the red laser is a good choice.

Why Is Green Laser Better Than Red?

Green lasers are better than red lasers because the human eye can perceive the green light better. These are also built with more powerful diodes in comparison to red lasers. They’re efficiently visible in the daylight as well as at nighttime.

Frequently Asked Question

I.       Can you put a laser sight on an AR-15?

Yes, you can put a laser sight on an AR-15. It’s completely legal in every state. It’s also very beneficial for low-light situations. Your AR-15 can improve significantly for targeting moving objects when you use a laser sight on it.

The best choice as a laser sight for your AR-15 is Green Laser Sight System by Ozark Armament.

II.      Where do you put the laser on an AR-15?

The best position to put the laser on an AR-15 is 12 o’clock, top rail, upfront towards the muzzle. You can also position it at 11’o clock for better reach to the thumb.

Another option is to mount it on the top of the quad rail handguard on the AR-15. It would be best if you explored the options to figure out what’s reasonable for you.

III.    Is a laser on an AR worth it?

Absolutely, getting a laser on an AR is worth it. You can use it for different things such as target designation, IR floods, and more.

Many other options include firing at extreme low-light situations and firing with ease at awkward positions.

IV.    Are green lasers on guns illegal?

Yes, green lasers on guns are legal as long as they are under five milliwatts. A 532 nm wavelength green laser pointer is the most potent laser permissible by law for your AR-15.

The best green laser sight for ar 15 must have a high-intensity green laser for optimum visibility.

V.      Do green lasers show up better in daylight?

Yes, green lasers show up better in daylight. Your eye color receptors have M and L cone receptors.

The green light also emits the exact ray, helping your eyes to make the most out of the intensity. Hence, even during daylight, you should see the green laser.

VI.    What is the best green laser sight for ar15?

The best green laser sight for ar15 is undoubtedly the Green Laser Sight System by Ozark Armament.

For the premium pick, you can go for the Ade Advanced Optics HG54G. And as for the honorary best valued green laser sight, you can choose the Survival Land LS-300. You can find their detailed reviews in our article.

VII.   Why are green laser sights more expensive?

Green laser sights are more expensive because they have complex diodes in them. They help your eye receptors to catch the green rays more than any other color.


When it comes to rifle laser sights, there is a range of choices ranging in price from less than $100 to several thousand dollars.

You can’t determine the best green laser sight for ar-15 without knowing about the array of options available in the market.

However, you can’t ascertain which one is ideal and meets your requirement at the finest without having the first-hand experience.

Things might not work out the way you manifested. Thus, we always recommend considering multiple products and assess them based on your priorities. The one that ticks all the necessities in the one for you.

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