Best Quick Detach Scope Mount

8 Best Quick Detach Scope Mount Worth Buying in 2021

In the past few years, the obsession with advanced optics has only grown. The hunger for top-tier shooting skills is what influenced us and perhaps you too.

And to appease the pursuit, optics manufactures are dedicatedly working on engineering the Best Quick Detach Scope Mount possible.

But is everything we see in the advertisement are true? We presume not. Most of them are just bragging with no notable results.

Thus, we thought of scrutinizing, and gladly enough, we ended up with our top 8 picks for 2021. Just so you know, we’re not keyboard warriors trying to prove a point; rather, we are very much well aware of what a shooter needs.

Be it the flexibility to attach or release an optic or retaining your Zero; we got it covered. All you need to do is get your priorities right and pick the one that suffices.

Top 5 Best Quick Detach Scope Mount Comparison in 2021

  • Weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Infinite warranty
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  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
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  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Reticle: 5 MOA RGB Dot
  • Warranty: One-Year
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  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Reticle: 5 MOA Dual-Color Dot
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Reticle: 5 MOA Dual-Color Dot
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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What Is a Quick Detach Scope Mount?

In simple words, quick detach scope mounts refer to a mount that is made to deliver maximum maneuverability to engage and disengage an optic from your weapon, preserving the zero. 

Just like the name implies, it should be quick to detach and retain zero without any additional tool. We agree that a rifle with your traditional scope mount works well.

But what difference does it make if you install a QD scope mount? Well, your quick detach scope mount is a gateway for removing scopes effortlessly while ensuring a great return to zero capacity. And that’s something your conventional scope mount lacks.

The 8 Best Quick Detach Scope Mount Review

Here we have compiled a quick detach scope mount review backed by 12 hours of thorough research. It’s worth mentioning that all the products here are ranked based on their overall performance, albeit each of them possesses individual specialties for diverse shooting aspects.

Now without any further delay, let’s wade through them one by one.

ATN Quick Detach Mount for 30mm Scope Tube

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On the top of our list, we have the best QD scope mount for once and for all. It’s the perfect representation of “jack of all trades”: durable construction, compatibility, user-friendly installation, and zero retainments; everything sets it apart from the rest.

The ATN quick detach mount is engineered with a hardened aluminum alloy which helps to prevent rusting or wearing out.

This not only extends the lifespan but also ensures minimum impact on weight. On the other hand, the corners of this QD mount are rounded so that your favorite gear remains damage-proof.

Since this QD scope mount is strategically made for 30mm scope tubes, it seamlessly merges a 30 mm diameter with utmost stability and fixation.

This detachable scope mount will have your back from modifying your rifle with an adequate scope height to facilitating eye relief.

Besides, you can use it with your ATN X-sight 4K or the ATN thor 4 series. However, in case you are wondering, you can also accommodate it with your preferred 30mm scope.

Here, the prime objective of getting a QD scope mount is to offer you an easier and faster attach/detach facility. Given that, this quick release scope mount seems to honor the purpose decently.

Let’s take a closer look at the wow features of this best quick disconnect scope mount.

Reinforced with aluminum alloyEnsures corrosion resistance and maximizes the overall lifespan
Quick and effortless adaptability for any 30mm scope tubeCan be used all 30mm diameter tube scopes, especially for ATN scopes. Such as the 4k series from X-sight
No tool adjustmentFaster and easier to install and release
Zero retainmentif you are tired of the zeroes breaking into hives while switching from one optic to another regardless of the type of mount you are using this 30 mm QD mount got you covered
LightweightFits easily into your gearbox while remaining travel friendly


  • Comes with long-lasting construction
  • Effortless installation
  • Assembles and releases within few minutes
  • Offers an ideal scope-to-eye height and maximum eye relief
  • Superior performance combined with reliable fixation
  • Impressive zero retainment


  • A bit pricy
  • No torque specs

American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Riflescope Optic Mount

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The American defense is one of the most prominent brands in the realm of rifle scopes. Their consistency and determination towards distributing competent firearm gears deserve every ounce of appreciation.

Here we have the AD-RECON scope optic mount which is purposefully made to put high-power scopes onto a flattop style gun.

Besides, this detachable scope mount’s thoughtful design and overall dimension help to mitigate stress forming around your eye area. As a result, you obtain maximum eye relief and can shoot your shot with utmost accuracy.

Furthermore, the AD-RECON QD scope mount is authentically made in the USA. They have used T6 aluminum, including a QD lever mechanism, to enable superior compatibility to the mass rail systems.

Not just it, this quick release scope mount consists of 3-mil spec hard anodize to ensure a tough finish.

No wonder it lasts longer than you anticipate.

Just so you know, the quick release lever doesn’t require any tools for adjustment rather, it can be performed using your fingers or a flat blade screwdriver.

It conserves a lot of time and labor so that you can invest more time in shooting rather than adjusting. You can align the lever to lock to the front or the rear.

Another fact worth mentioning, the weight of this scope mount is only 8.4 ounces which cuts you some slack from all the storage and carrying hassles. You can use it with scopes with up to 2.2 inches of objective lens size while locating your optic at 1.47 inches central height.

No-tools adjustmentDoesn’t require any proprietary tool for the assembly; instead, using your finger would be enough
Adjustable auto QD lever mechanismHelps to accommodate the majority of the rail system
Titanium-made quick release leverEnsure a stable clutch to the rail system
Precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and detailed in T3 Mil-Spec anodize tough coatingOffer you a long-lasting, rock-solid finish
Out front scope due to cantileverAllows optimal eye relief


  • Durable construction made of T6 aluminum material
  • Offers a hard-anodized finishing
  • Effortless mounting and adjustment
  • Extraordinary clamping surface for max rail engagement
  • best QD scope mount for ar15


  • Retaining the Zero can be a little tricky
  • Need to tighten continuously

Flat Top Offset One Piece QD Scope Mount with Quick Release Cam Locks

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If you are looking for a quick-release scope mount that accommodates both 30mm and 1-inch main tube rifle position, then rejoice! You are in the right place. The hammers present the best QR scope mount that features an offset design for improved eye relief.

Not only it offers an easy installation process but also quick-release adjustable cam locks. Thus you can mount your scope with a longer eyepiece tube as well as the ones with illuminated reticles.

Besides, the quick-release cam locks don’t require any proprietary tool for the adjustments.

You can customize the settings according to your preference just by using your fingers. Also, when you keep the cam lever at unlock position, make sure to drag and wind up the star wheel in the opposite direction of the clamping bolt for a successful adjustment.

And for the records, this quick-release Picatinny scope mount is engineered from extruded aluminum alloy to ensure impeccable durability and wear resistance.

In addition, the anodized matte black finish is like the cherry on top. Not just it looks premium, but it also distributes satisfactory outcomes.

In a world of expensive quick detach scope mounts, the hammers hit the bullseye to provide exclusive design at a reasonable price.

That being said, it’s the best value for money product from our today’s list.

No-tool adjustment, installationCan be installed and adjusted within few seconds just by using your finger
Quick-release cam locksAllows you to tighten the tension in order to retain the steadiness of your rifle  
Legendary construction combined with an offset design and aircraft-grade aluminum alloyOffers enhanced eye relief and lasts longer.
Metal insertsFacilitates 1″ scope usage
Offset ring mountWorks great for longer scopes and scopes with illuminated reticles.


  • Disengages in few seconds
  • Solid overall construction
  • Steal for the money
  • Compatible with 30mm and 1″ scopes
  • Perfectly harmonizes with a flat top Picatinny rail


  • A little heavy
  • Might need to reset the Zero once you remove the scope

Monstrum Slim Profile Series Cantilever Offset Dual Ring Picatinny Scope Mount with Quick Release

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One of the greatest aspects of having a cantilever offset dual ring scope mount is that you can mount another optic behind it. For instance, mounting a magnifier.

It allows you to achieve a comprehensive view of the target you are working with. Let alone better eye relief.

Now keeping these things in mind, Monstrum decided to come up with their slim profile series for quick release scope mount. It arrives with a dual ring scope mount to accommodate 30mm diameter tube rifle scopes with Picatinny-equipped ones.

The slim profile ensures to keep the scope rings supremely lightweight. However, it doesn’t compromise solidity.

You will get the perfect balance of weight and rigidity in one piece. In addition, these 30mm quick detachable scope rings with a quick-release mechanism surpasses most of the top-rated QD mounts in terms of installation and adjustments.

You can attach and detach it with almost no effort via an integrated rapid release setting. On top of that, you won’t need any extra tool or tightening to reach the standard tension needed for the job.

Besides, it comes with 2 inches of forwarding extension for additional flexibility so that you get exceptional eye relief and accurate shooting sight.

Machined from 6061 aluminum, however, weighs barely 6 ouncesComes in handy, is easy to store and install
Dual ring scope mountCan be mounted with all 30 mm diameter rifle scopes as well as Picatinny equipped firearms
Thin profile, lightweight scope ringWeighs less yet offers ample rigidity and handiness
Quick-release mechanismEngages and disengages effortlessly within less than a minute without any tools like Allen wrenches or a bunch of screws
2 inches forward extensionDelivers added flexibility for superior eye relief shooting view


  • Supremely lightweight
  • Cantilever offset dual ring allows additional tool integration
  • Optimum eye relief
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Ideal spacing between the scope bases


  • Head screws might get loose
  • Could be better to retain the zero

Vortex Optics Precision Quick-Release Extended Cantilever 30mm Riflescope Mount

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The Vortex reigns in distributing extraordinary hunting optics for your firearms. Mostly when it comes to retaining the Zero and featuring a great cantilever system, no other brand stands a chance against it. No wonder it’s our premium pick from today’s top 8 list.

The quick-release scope from Vortex accommodates 30mm optics seamlessly, leaving a little space for something else to be placed. It’ basically the default trait of a cantilever system that allows you to mount other optics behind the scope.

Well, with all honestly, a QD scope mount works quite all the same with nuances once it’s installed perfectly. So, what should be given more precedence is the mount placement and the steadiness of the scope. The greater it fits, the better result it caters to your shooting game.

These being the reason, the vortex QD scope mount ensures to hold the scope in its right place. As long as you are looking for a stable scope mount, this QR scope mount is surely a win.

Also, the overall build or the materials is worth the appreciation too. To be precise, it is machined from a chunk of 6061 T6 aluminum material and detailed with a tough coat type 3 mil-spec.

Another thing worth mentioning, it weighs only 8.9 ounces and is processed in the USA.

However, one thing that should concern you is the locking mechanism that takes a lot of time to be accurate. You will tighten it carefully only to realize it’s overtightened.

Albeit once everything is in its right place, its precision is irreplaceable. So safe to say, this is something that worth the chase and hard labor. Be it backcountry hunting or day at a range, Vortex got your back.

Crafted from a block of 6061 T6 aluminumLasts longer and resists corrosion
Quick-release cantilever mountAllows you to mount telescopic sights with 30 mm tubes on a flattop style rifle
Cantilever offsetHolds the scope forthright for enhanced eye relief and accurate head siting, locates in the middle of the riflescope tube at 37mm from the Picatinny base
Extended cantileverOptimum eye relief and reduces fatigue while shooting


  • Holds the Zero effectively
  • Quick-release system works great once properly set up
  • Accurate head placement
  • Comes in a 2-inch offset
  • Cantilever design for maximum eye relief


  • Adjusting the quick release mechanism is tricky
  • A little bit pricy

30mm QD Scope Mount with 1.5″ Offset

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Most of the scope mounts tend to damage the rail surface. Even the high-quality, quick-release scope mounts fail to hold the authenticity of your rail surface if anything it can’t withstand the dents.

That being said, the Midwest stands out from the crowd by offering you a dent-free rail surface even after undergoing extreme shooting sessions.

Thanks to the durable aluminum construction that retains the solidity of your rail surface and inhibits corrosion, scratching, or any sort of dent forming. Another reason why this happens to be our personal favorite is its permanency.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a scope mount that lasts long and doesn’t wobble when ammo is fired?

The hard anodized coating combined with the overall aluminum build just hit the nail on the head in terms of durability.

Besides, it has a little button integrated on one side for quick release activation.

It immediately disengages when you press the button while the clutch holds the lever in its ideal place. Consequently, it avoids sudden disengagement to prevent any shooting mishaps. No wonder the claw lever is a surplus to hold your AR 15 QD scope mounts in a firm and stable state.

However, make sure you tighten it adequately by utilizing the superior clamping mechanism.

Last but not the least, with an MI 30mm QD scope, you won’t have a hard time during an operation. It is one of the smoothest quick detach scope mounts to stumble upon.

Machined from a hard coat anodized 6061 T6 aluminumGives you a lifetime service, resists corrosion, scratching, and dents
No-tools adjustmentdon’t need to invest in additional tools for adjustment or tightening
Quick detach leverPrevents accidental disengaging
Zero retainmentOffers a decent return to zero to ensure shooting an accurate shot in precision
Effortless tighteningTightening the mount base on your AR15 becomes easier and faster


  • Great zero to return value
  •  “Claw” system holds the mount in its right position
  • Anodized coated 6061 T6 aluminum build
  • Lasts long
  • Detaches immediately when the button is pressed


  • A bit heavy
  • Rings are horizontally split

ohhunt QD 1 inch 30mm Rings Integral Hunting Scope Mount

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One thing that sets it apart from most of the QD scope mounts is its dual gasket mode.

For instance, when you attach the gasket, it can accommodate 25.4mm pipe diameter, while on the other hand, it can work with a 30mm pipe diameter scope if the gasket is removed.

So basically, it’s a multi-purpose QR scope mount with integrated scope level Picatinny tail.

Not only can you accomplish a wide range of shooting tasks with diverse scopes but also mitigate stress accumulating around your eyes. Also, ohhnut features a bidirectional design to deliver necessary offset in different applications.

The tough and user convenient quick detach lever is another reason why you want to buy it.

Since this 1 inch, quick-release scope mount is fully adjustable and adheres to any Picatinny rail, you won’t need any proprietary tool or tightening to get the work done. On top of that, these 25.4mm and 30mm QD scope rings are engineered from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that guarantees you a dependable service.

Moreover, it fights against rusting or any potential damage.

So if you are somewhat worried about its robustness, then trust us when we say this; this is one of the best quick release scope rings in budget.

Ergonomic quick detach leverAdjustable to fit any Picatinny rail
Bidirectional designEnsures needed offset in numerous application
Made with aircraft-grade aluminumGuarantees a long-term service, resists corrosion and damage
dual accommodation facilityFits 25.4mm and 30mm QD scope rings


  • Weighs only 7.55 ounces
  • Value for money
  • Robust aircraft aluminum construction
  • Fully adjustable to any picatinny rail
  • Has a rubberized lining in the scope ring for perfect fitting


  • Doesn’t hold the Zero effectively
  • Adjusting the scope between the rings can be tricky

Warne Scope Mounts 213LM 30mm, QD

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As our last pick for today, we have 1 inch quick detach mount from Warne. It comes in a matte black profile with sturdy aluminum construction.

Since it’s durable, you don’t need to stress over any potential damage or breaking down due to persistent use. Even during intense shooting events and after being used perpetually, this doesn’t seem to have any dents or scratches.

Besides, this scope mount offers a unique indexable lever that facilitates effortless optic disengagement and reattaching. And while doing so you don’t have to lose the zero.

It holds the Zero just the way you want. Given that you can vouch for it whenever you are rooting for some regular shooting or target practicing. Also, the overall installation seems pretty easy, as it appears with an in-depth instruction manual.

All you need to do is to read it thoroughly and follow the whole installation process from scratch to avoid any fuss. Furthermore, this QD scope mount features a square recoil for making the whole mounting process easier.

Thus, you can set up the scope mount immaculately to obtain a ring to base fixation. Although the Torx Style T-15 socket cap screws require specialized tools to be locked and it can be done easily; no biggie.

Resistant to environmental issuesCan be used in any environment, offers you more room to explore your shooting skills
Machined with quality materialEnsures precision and accuracy with long-lasting performance
Superior compatibilityWorks with most scopes having 36-42mm objectives
Recoil control keyEnsures that the rings are in their right place and doesn’t shift or wobble under intense recoil


  • Effortless mounting process
  • Easily adjustable
  • Tough finish
  • Cap screws crafted from durable materials
  • Adaptive to any environment 


  • Requires additional tool for adjustment
  • A bit heavy

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Quick Detach Scope Mount

While shopping for the best quick release scope mount, you need to take a few things into account. It will help you to bag the ideal deal that suits all your standards.

Sometimes you get fascinated by the advertisement and don’t even realize whether you need those features for your planned job or not. When you realize it’s already too late to rectify.

Also, choosing the right quick detach scope mount is no less than a nightmare because there are so many things to consider.

And honestly, it’s going to drain a whole lot of energy from you. Thus we thought of compiling this buying guide where you will get every crucial fact needed to be perceived.

Unlike most of the vague and complex buyer guides on the internet, we tried to outline it with ample clarity and our perspective. Check it out below!


The first and most important thing to consider is the size of your quick release scope mount. Usually, they come in a plethora of sizes and lengths; something that works for your friend might not work for you.

Depending on the task you are planning to perform, you need to determine the size of your QD scope.

Also, how frequently you want to change your scope is another crucial factor. There are QD scope mounts that come in a standard size that fits almost all scopes. For instance, the 30mm diameter scope mounts we have reviewed above will accommodate most of the scopes from this range, regardless of the model.

On the other hand, you may want a quick release scope mount for iron-sighting where it needs to maintain a higher stance as well as the caliber to shoot scope and iron sight both.

Furthermore, if you have a scope with a 42mm-45mm lens diameter, a medium height mount will do fine.

The rule of thumb for choosing an ideal height depending on the objective lens diameter of your scopes is using a low mount for 40mm, a medium mount for 42mm-45mm, and a high mount for 50mm and above.

So long story short, it depends on the type of task you are willing to conquer.

Once you determine the rail type and the ideal measurements of the scope, it becomes easier to pick the suitable one.

Just make sure it fits both your scope and rifle, and you are good to go.

Overall Construction:

It’s important to inspect the materials used for crafting the scope mount. Typically, they are engineered from various grades of aluminum. And, of course, for a very valid reason. Aluminum-built scope mounts are habitually durable yet lightweight.

They are resistant to corrosion and any sort of damage. Even during extreme situations, they thrive well. Let’s face it, you want something that holds the Zero effectively despite undergoing a couple of hundred shots. Also, it needs to disengage easily without causing any scratching or damage while stored in your bag.

Keeping these things in mind, you need to check what kind of aluminum is used to craft your scope mount.


You don’t want a tool that weighs heavy to the extent where you are already tired before the work is done. You want something that is easy to operate and allows you to shoot for an extended period. That’s why weight should be a defining factor while choosing your qr scope mount.

Also, make sure that you aren’t compromising durability in exchange for a lightweight model.

It should be light as possible yet tough enough to withstand all the tension derived from the set of shots. Save the ounces where possible to minimize the overall weight so that you can carry more items that actually matter. Take “water” or a magnifier as an instance.

Zero Retainment:

No wonder you want a QD scope mount that holds the zero even after multiple shots. At least it should retain your zero-till 10 repeated shots are fired.

So, what you need to do is to evaluate the zero-retainment feature through its overall operation. For instance, how smoothly it releases, does it sit firmly or wobbles, how strong it fastens down while shooting, is it easy to adjust and tighten, etc.

All these things will be a testament to a great zero to return facility. You should be able to return your optic to its authentic position without losing your zero. However, not all QD mounts have a great return to zero capacity once it gets detached.

And honestly, it’s understandable, although you still have options that are capable of shooting a decent amount of ammo despite re-assembling. Lastly, check if your tool offers forward and rearward movement or not.

Because it is going to ensure maximum eye relief, and better eye relief translates to ample accuracy and steadiness during operation.

Price and Variants:

Just make sure to invest in high-quality materials and a lucrative warranty plan.

Consider how often you are going to use your quick detach scope mount or what kind of task you will be performing. Is it just for entertainment purposes like shooting on weekends at the range or hunting in the backcountry? You will get the answers while assessing the aforementioned reviews of each product.

We believe you know your sport and what features are paramount for performing those. Above anything, ensure paying for high-quality material, lesser weight, zero holding capacity, and better warranty plans.

How Do QD Mounts Work?

During an emergency, when you need to immediately remove a dead optic from your rifle, a quick detach scope mount saves you ample time and tool requirements.

Just through a single press of a button, the sling and connector of the rifle are removed. And that’s exactly how it works.

Let’s provide you a step-by-step explanation of how QD scope mounts work!

Step 1

First, QD scope mounts come with a throw lever that switches in an open and closed position. So, what you do now is to install your QD scope mount with the scope.

Just so you know, the scope should be already attached to your rifle on top of the railing.

Step 2

Now you switch the lever towards the “close” position.

If you think the lever is too stiff or too wobbly, you should adjust until you reach the desired tightness.

Step 3

All you need to do is adjust it with the screw on the side. Start loosening the nut, then tighten the hitch screw using your fingers or a flathead screwdriver. If you feel the set screw is too tight to come off, then try pushing the lever so that it shoves the screw out.

Once you are done with the adjustment, you are all set to shoot your shot.

Advantage & Disadvantages of Using a Quick Detach Scope Mount

Apart from all the perks you’ve known about quick detach scope mounts, you should acknowledge some seatbacks. Here we have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of using a QD scope mount so that you know what you are paying for and what the consequences will be.


  • You can switch from one optic to another without wasting time
  • You don’t need to lose your Zero while shifting to another optic
  • Detaching the scope mount is super easy and doesn’t require any additional tool
  • Some QD scope mounts allow you to install other optics as well. Such as a magnifier for better field view.
  • Ideal for every weather condition. For instance, when you are shooting in cold weather and suddenly your lens starts fogging up you can instantly switch to another optic.
  • You can carry a backup scope and use multiple loads per gun by a single scope alternation.


  • Qd scope mounts lack durability in contrast to conventional scope mount
  • They aren’t always stable, sometimes they wobble during shooting ammo. So in terms of stability typical scope mount wins
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Are quick detach scope mounts accurate?

Yes, they are since the whole point of having a QD scope mount is robust and dependable shooting. Also, it works wonders when it comes to holding the zero. So eventually, you will get accurate shots.

Are QD mounts reliable?

They are reliable as long as you are expecting quick removal of your scope as well as zero retainments.

Are quick detach scope mounts Universal?

If it’s about Picatinny QD scope mount, then – yes, they are universal. To be precise, Picatinny scope mounts were refashioned by the military and for the military.

The Picatinny and weaver mount have one chief difference. And it’s that the Picatinny QR mount is crafted based on the same specs and tolerances, unlike the weaver system, which is fixed or drilled to the rifle directly.

Thus Picatinny QD mounts are universal functions and interchangeable. On the other hand, if it’s about regular QD mount, it fits almost every rifle, according to your research.

How tight should QD Mounts be?

There’s no standard explanation or criteria for this. According to the task you will be performing, the tightness should be determined. Also, a professional suggests reading the manual thoroughly where it’s clearly stated how much tightness one should exert.

Who makes the best quick disconnect scope mount?

According to popular opinion and our research American defense, Vortex, Midwest Industries, and Warne make the best QD scope mounts.

Do quick release scope mounts hold zero?

Yes, they do — more or less. There are some models which offer a great return to zero facility. In oppose to that, some QD scope mounts are pretty average in terms of holding zero. If you want an exceptional outcome, then our best choice ATN quick detach mount, vortex QR mount, and Midwest 30mm QD mount can do the job.

Our quick detach scope mounts any good?

Yes, they are. QD scope mounts are flexible enough to allow smooth and rapid release while ensuring durability and reliance. So as far as your concern revolves around this QD scope mounts are going to do great.

Final Verdict

Even you know that one product can’t cater to all your requirements.

Thus, the prime objective of reviewing 8 products instead of just one is to depict their fortes. Amongst them whatever meets your requirements the most is the best quick detach scope mount for your task.

Still, if you want our opinion on which one we prefer the most, we would name the ATN quick detach scope mount because of its lightweight feature and robustness.

It accommodates all 30mm diameter tube scopes possible and holds zero despite shifting to other optics.

Now, if you prioritize the best return to zero capacity after disengaging, then we suggest Vortex and Midwest. Both exhibit remarkable outcomes in terms of zero retainments; however, Vortex is a little bit pricier than Midwest.

Lastly, if you don’t prefer the scope mount interrupting the windage turret, then it’s better to avoid QD scope mounts with horizontal ring splits. So, now it’s your call.

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