Best Scope for AR 10 Rifle

The Best Scope for AR 10 Rifle | Top 8 Picks in 2021

The AR 10 has been quite popular amongst shooters who fancy long-range action. Its light recoil and shooting power make it an absolute heavyweight in long-range combat.

This goes without saying that the best scope for ar 10 will enable you to unleash the true power of the rifle. The magnification and point-of-impact referencing will produce accurate shots over a distance of 1000 yards.

With numerous options available, it can be challenging to set your mind to one scope. Therefore, you must scrutinize each option carefully to make the right choice.

Today, we will look at some of our top scopes to aid your purchase decision. Our in-depth buying guide will help you prioritize the features you need most.

Top 5 Best Scope for AR 10 Comparison in 2021

  • Weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Infinite warranty
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  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Check Price
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Reticle: Multiple Red and Green
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
Check Price
  • Weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Reticle: 2.5 MOA Dot reticle
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
Check Price
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Reticle: 5 MOA Dual-Color Dot
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
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The 8 Best Scope for AR 10 Reviews

We have put extensive hours into our research to pick out 8 of the best AR 10 scopes in the market for you. Let’s take a look!

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane AR-10 Rifle Scope

To kick off our list of the best optics for ar 10, we have the absolute people’s favorite from Vortex Optics. The Crossfire II has been a great choice for all the shooters looking for a quality scope on a budget.

Featuring a 32-millimeter objective lens with an adjustable magnification setting, this one lets you tweak the magnification within a range of 2x to 7x. As a result, you receive the action of a close and medium-range scope in one.

What’s more, the aircraft-grade aluminum body of the scope ensures durability and high performance. Besides being lightweight, the Aluminum can withstand the recoil of your AR 10 much better than any other alternative. Also, the tube is sealed and nitrogen purged to keep water out of the insides, making it both fog and waterproof.

In addition, Vortex Optics has focused a lot on making this scope comfortable to use. Thanks to the eye-relief feature and the ultra-forgiving eye box, the stress on your eyesight is significantly reduced. That’s what makes this the ideal companion for those long hunting trips where you need to keep a close watch on your target before taking the shot.

Long eye-relief and eye boxMaximizes comfort when looking through the scope
Adjustable magnification settingsAllows altering of magnification power to suit a different range of shooting distance
Anti-reflective multi-coated lensOffers a clear view when looking through the scope
Aircraft-grade Aluminum BuildEnsures durability and can withstand shock better
  • Multiple magnification settings aid versatility
  • Shock, water, and fog-proof design ensures longevity
  • Durable Aluminum construction
  • Anti-reflective lens reduces glare
  • Long eye-relief ensures comfort
  • Below average low-light performance
  • Adjustment knobs require much force when turning


The Crossfire II is an excellent fit for anyone who is looking for a starter hunting scope. Offering some great features like the long eye-relief and adjustable magnification, this is one scope that puts comfort above all else. Without a doubt, this places itself on our list as the best value ar 10 scope.

2. UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope for AR-10 Rifle

To really compete and test the Crossfire II, we bring you the UTG 4-16×44 scope. Much like the Crossfire II, this is also a budget optic that offers a bang for the buck experience. Featuring a wider range of magnification powers from as low as 4x to a high of 16x, this will let you take on short and mid-range targets at ease.

Besides the versatility of the scope, the build quality is also quite heavy-duty. Created on True Strength Platform, the tube is tightly sealed and filled with nitrogen to prevent water or moisture from seeping. This makes the scope rain-resistant and fog-proof. As a result, no weather conditions can put a limit on your hunting needs.

One of the major innovations we truly applaud is the Emerald coating on the lens. Specially designed to maximize light transmission, the lens delivers high-quality performance in high and low lighting settings.

Adjustable magnification powerAllows you to zoom in from 4x to a high of 16x
30-millimeter long tubeMakes it easy to adjust windage and elevation using the knobs
Emerald glass coatingMaximizes light transmission for superior performance in low light conditions
Built on a True Strength PlatformGuarantees durability for the long run
  • Dot reticle comes in 36 different colors
  • Enhanced low-light performance due to Emerald coating
  • Innovative design allows for easy attachment and adjusting
  • Highly durable build with reliable long term performance
  • Shock and rain-proof body
  • Eyebox can be a bit tight when magnification is at a maximum
  • The reticle can become unstable with high recoil


Unless you’re very good with your aim and only prefer to challenge yourself with long-range shooting, this scope should fit your needs just fine. Ideal for short to mid-range games, this is a scope that will help you grow as a hunter.

3. XOPin 4-16x50AO Dual Illuminated Scope Combo for AR 10

For those of you who take on nighttime hunting as a passion, we have this scope combo set from XOPin. Within the set, you not only receive their high-quality 4-16×50 scope, but you also get an attachable flashlight and laser. When used together, this trio is a formidable threat to any target you set your eyes on.

While the flashlight illuminates the setting, the laser helps you get a quick aim on your target.

Furthermore, the scope itself is built with the highest quality Aluminum for better shock resistance and enhanced durability. Also, the tube is entirely sealed with dry nitrogen to ensure water, fog, and shockproofing. However, most of the shockproofing comes from the Aluminum build and the coated optical lens.

One thing we need to shed light on is XOPin’s attention to detail. The manufacturers have done well with the paint job and design of the scope. Featuring a matte black finish, the scope truly complements any rifle in terms of aesthetics. They have also placed a lens cap that can be flipped up when taking a shot.

High-quality Aluminum buildWithstands shock better
Fully-coated optical lensEnhanced light transmission
Integrated lens capProtects the lens when not in use
Adjustable magnificationWorks as a long and medium-range scope
  • Adjustable magnification aids versatility
  • Lens cap keeps the lens protected from dust
  • Durable build quality
  • Dry nitrogen filled tube ensures water and fog proofing
  • Five levels of red and green illumination for clarity
  • The size is quite large and bulky
  • Build quality of the laser is subpar


This three-set combo from XOPin is a good choice for action-packed hunting at low-light settings. The 5 level illumination offers better shots when in low light conditions, making it ideal for the night.

4. Monstrum G2 1-4×24 First Focal Plane FFP AR 10 Rifle Scope

It has and always will be a mystery how Monstrum manages to make some of the most incredible scopes at astonishingly affordable prices. Playing the numbers game with their competitors, they offer the best ar 10 scope for the money. The G2 is just another example of their work, and you’ll see why.

The scope’s body was made to withstand all possible weathering conditions thanks to an all-around Aluminum build.

Other than the aircraft-grade Aluminum, the long 30-millimeter tube is charged with Nitrogen for enhanced durability. This creates a fixed seal within the scope that keeps any moisture out, thus, preventing cloudiness in your lens.

In addition, the scope lets you alter the illumination of your reticle in both red and green colors. It also offers adjustable settings in terms of brightness, ensuring accurate shots at low-light environments.

Multiple brightness and color settingsAllows you to adjust the reticle based on comfort and surroundings
Nitrogen charged tubeKeeps water and fog away from the lens
Aircraft-grade Aluminum constructionEnsures durability and longevity of the scope
4-4.5 inches of eye reliefEnhances comfort when shooting
  • Adjustable reticle settings for enhanced shooting comfort
  • Long eye-relief allows for easy scoping
  • Highly durable build quality
  • Fixed lens cap to keep the lens protected
  • Displays easy-to-read ranging information as a guide
  • Knob rotation is not smooth and requires force
  • The lens does not come with a multi-layered coating


This is yet another one of our choices for shooters on a budget. While the price might shock you, the scope does pack some high-quality features like adjustable reticle settings and adequate eye relief. The build quality is surprisingly good due to the strong Aluminum construction, ensuring long-term usage possibilities.

5. Barska 1-4×28 IR Hunting Scope for AR 10 Rifle

While most of the scopes we have been looking into come with adjustable magnification, you might have noticed they are more catered to medium and long-range shooters. So, our next pick is for all those who are still moving up the distance ladder.

The Barska 1-4×28 scope is a compact ar 10 scope designed to give you comfort and precision at all times.

One of the standout features of this scope is the magic that goes into its lens. The glass, featuring a multi-layered coating, can enhance light transmission greatly. This, in turn, gives you the clearest views even in low-light conditions.

The tube of the scope also features an angled sunshade which further helps reduce glare and keep your view crystal clear.

Moving on, the magnification settings range from 1x to a maximum of 4x, which is ideal for most short-range shooting situations. The 1/2 MOA is adjustable, which enhances your accuracy.

Four magnification power levelsLets you adjust the power according to the distance
Angled sunshadeOffers shade from the sun’s rays to reduce glare
Multi-coated lensEnhances light transmissions and clarity
Dry Nitrogen purged sealKeeps water and fog from clouding up your lens
  • Water, fog, and shockproof design
  • Durable and reliable for long-term usage
  • Reduced glare due to sunshade
  • Ideal magnification settings for short-range shooting
  • External knob locking keeps windage and elevation settings intact
  • Illumination settings are subpar
  • Dust covers are not durable


This scope from Barska is tailor-made for close-range shooting enthusiasts. Featuring a limited range of magnification settings with enhanced light transmission, this should be perfect for shooting up to 300-400 yards.

6. Ade Advanced Optics 6-25×56 35mm Long Range Rifle Scope for AR10

Now that we’ve covered both short and medium-range scopes, let’s look at a long-range optic. The 6-25×56 scope from Advanced Optics is probably one of the best long-range sights out there.

Packed with a 56-millimeter objective lens housed into an aircraft-grade Aluminum body, this scope is a godsend for all snipers out there. Not only is it able to withstand recoil, but it ensures precision to great extents to allow your long-range shot to connect just the way you want it.

When we talk about the range of the scope, it is usually determined from the magnification power. And what a high range this scope packs indeed! The adjustable setting will let you set your magnification to as low as 6x and to a max of 25x. This is perfect when you’re willing to put your skills to the test.

Aluminum tube constructionCan withstand recoil shocks better
High magnification rangeLets your scope to a maximum of 25x zoom
Water-resistant sealant and synthetic greaseKeeps rain and fog away from the insides
Mil-dot bar reticleHelps with accuracy over long distances
  • Mil-dot bar reticle is perfect for long-range shooting
  • A Tight seal around the tube ensures fog and waterproofing
  • The high magnification range is ideal for sniping
  • The aluminum body ensures durability
  • 56mm objective lens offers good clarity and light transmission
  • The lens is not made for heavy-duty usage
  • Some glare can be seen in sunny conditions


This scope has been carefully catered to those long-range fanatics out there. The high magnification settings will allow you to zoom in at targets over 1000 yards! Meanwhile, the Mil-Dot bar reticle makes it easy to aim over a large distance taking windage and elevation into account.

7. Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 6-24X50 First Focal Plane Riflescopes for AR-10

The following scope is for all those shooters who don’t have a cap on their budgets. Yes, we heard you alright. Our next pick is this medium to long-range expert from Athlon Optics.

The Argos BTR riflescope is a dream for any passionate shooter, offering a wide range of magnification settings, good quality build, enhanced reliability, and many more! All that comes at a high price tag, of course, but you will not regret it one bit.

Unlike all the other scopes we have mentioned so far, Athlon Optics has used argon instead of nitrogen to purge this ar 10 rifle scope. This reinforces the waterproofing created from the tight seal and resists any thermal shock from the recoil.

Therefore, you can wander around the woods whenever you want, regardless of the weather conditions.

Moreover, the first focal plane reticle offers bright illumination, and it is adjustable too. The sizing of the reticle tends to increase with your change in magnification power to ensure accurate shots.

High range of adjustable magnification settingsOffers both long and medium-range shooting capabilities
Argon purged sealResists thermal shocks better than nitrogen purging
High-quality Aluminum bodyWithstands recoil and keeps the lens protected from impact
Multi-coated lensEnsures clarity and enhances light transmission
  • Multiple magnification settings offer versatility
  • Self-adjusting reticle ensures accuracy
  • Multi-layered lens coating is resistant to scratches
  • Argon purged seal ensures fog and waterproofing
  • The reticle is etched on the glass to aid shock resisting capabilities
  • Below average eye-relief
  • Subpar glass quality


The Argos BTR truly delivers what its premium price tag asks from it. This scope is the best companion for long-range sniping action, featuring the best quality magnification settings and self-adjusting reticle.

8. Monstrum G3 6-24×50 First Focal Plane FFP AR 10 Rifle Scope

Finally, we are finishing our list of the best scope for ar 10 with the G3 from Monstrum. Perfect for medium to long-range shooting, the G3’s versatility is what makes it stand out amongst the rest. Featuring adjustable magnification powers from 6x to as high as 24x, this is what truly makes your AR 10 the ideal sniping machine.

The scope has an MOA reticle on the first focal plane, which allows for highly accurate shots over various distances. There are range estimation marks within the scope that will give you a quick edge over your moving targets. The tiny marks inside the scope help you judge the distance and range to aim accordingly.

What’s more, the MOA reticle can also be adjusted for brightness. This gives you more settings to work with to cater your shooting according to your surroundings. When in low-light settings, the highest brightness level will be just right to improve your accuracy.

Adjustable objective lensEliminates parallax for accurate shots
Range estimation marksAllow for quick aiming and act as guides for precision
Multiple brightness settingsLets you adjust the reticle according to your surrounding
High magnification rangeCaters to both medium to high-ranged shooting
  • Brightness settings work wonders in low-light
  • A high range of magnification settings offer flexibility
  • Range estimation acts as a guide for quick aiming
  • Lens ensures elimination of parallax
  • Built from the highest quality Aluminum
  • Lens caps are not as durable


Coming at a premium price, the G3 is not for child’s play. The high range of magnification settings makes it one of the most sought-after scopes for skilled hunters.

It is perfect for those who want to test themselves over long distances and in higher magnification settings.

What Aspects to Consider When Buying the Best AR10 Scopes?

Before investing in a good scope for ar 10, you must be wary of certain features. These will give you a clear idea of what would be the best option based on your needs.

 Shooting Range

The range of an ar10 scope is divided into three sections based on the gradual increase in zoom. While the close-range scopes do come in handy when hunting, we found that the AR 10 is more well-adapted in long and medium-range encounters.

In most cases, the regular iron sight should be enough for close-range shootouts. Fast and small targets like rabbits and squirrels are the ideal targets when you’re looking to test your short-range shooting skills.

When you increase the distance from the target, the difficulty of getting an accurate shot tends to increase. And so, you will need an appropriate scope to aid your shooting process.

If you’re hunting within a 500-yard radius, you should be using a medium-range scope. This is usually a hunter’s favorite zone as they can easily take down larger targets like caribou, moose, or oxen.

For anyone shooting at a distance over 500 yards loves to challenge themselves. Using long-range scopes will aid your precision, but not by much. Your own skills will determine your accuracy when it comes to larger distances like this.

Depending on the distance, the magnification power of these scopes will range from 6x all the way up to 12x!

Take some time out to think and decide on your preferred target size and distance. This will help you invest in a scope that you will use more frequently.

 Multi-Coated Glass

Since scopes are considered quite expensive, you should always invest in one that will last you for ages. Other than just being able to last for long, it should also provide consistent performance.

The best scope for ar-10 will come with a multi-coating that is bound to survive whatever you throw at it. Shooting is an outdoor activity by nature, which will lead to excessive wear and tear on your optics. If it isn’t well-made, you will soon find yourself investing twice the money you initially had.

Multi-coated glass is preferred over others mainly because of its ability to withstand abrasion or scratching. This keeps the glass fresh for clear shots and a clean view even in dusty conditions.

In addition, the multi-layered coating of the glass keeps fogging at bay. Good quality scopes will have a tight seal around the tube, usually purged with nitrogen or argon. This prevents any moisture from seeping in and clouding up the glass from the inside.

 Magnification Power

This is one of the most crucial aspects you need to consider when choosing the best ar 10 scope. To determine the proper magnification power, you need to lay out your usage scenarios first. The distance range you will frequently fire at and the type of targets you will shoot influence your choice in magnification power.

For long-range shooters, a scope that has 8x or above powers of magnification should suffice. It will allow you to accurately aim at your target over a 600 or higher yard radius.

On the contrary, the 8x zoom would be too much for shorter distances as the target will barely fit into the frame. That is when you need a 2x or higher magnification power to get yourself a wider field of view.


Using a scope isn’t just about performance; you need to be comfortable when aiming as well. Remember those round black rings you see when looking through binoculars? The same happens when you use certain scopes that don’t offer eye relief.

Without proper eye-relief, you will be straining your eyes when aiming for long periods. Other than that, the black ring tends to limit your field of view, further reducing accuracy.

When it comes to purchasing ar 10 tactical scopes, eye-relief is very important. High-quality scopes will offer eye relief up to a certain amount, which will enhance focus towards the target.

 Water and Shock Resistance

When you take your AR10 out into the wild for hunting, it is bound to come in contact with bad weather. And so, it needs to be equally resistant to such situations.

Always look for scopes that come with a fog-proof design and are water-resistant. As mentioned before, modern optics have tight nitrogen purged seal around them to prevent any sort of moisture from clouding up your lens.

Furthermore, your desired ar 10 scope should be able to handle the recoil of your rifle. You need to hold the gun steady to control the kickback. The scope you choose needs to be able to withstand the shock to last you for the long haul.

What Magnification Do You Need for the Typical Use of the AR 10 Rifle Scopes?

The thing about ar 10 sights is that they offer a wide range of magnification settings. Your ability to fire accurate rounds will be primarily determined by the distance from your target and the magnification of your scope.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing specific magnification settings. You could require anywhere from 5x to 25x, depending on your range of shooting.

Since the AR 10 is best used as a long-range shooting rifle, you should look into sniper scopes that offer 12x to 25x magnification. But that is only the case when you’re planning to fire at targets over 800 yards. These scopes are specialized for quick aiming and ensure accuracy across a large distance.

Other than the distance itself, the size of the target also matters. If you’re far out and the distance makes your target appear small, then these long-range scopes should work wonders.

If you’re more interested in taking mid-range shots, you will need to invest in a scope that caters to that. There are tons of medium-range scopes for ar10 rifles that will let you shoot targets within a 500-yard radius. They usually have magnification levels ranging from 5x to 12x.

These medium-range scopes are ideal for hunters looking to target big game. If you use a long-range scope within a 500-yard distance, you will barely be able to fit the entire target into your line of vision.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using a Scope for AR-10 Rifle

When investing in ar10 optics, you need to be aware of the benefits you will derive from it. While being aware of the advantages is essential, you should also be concerned about any drawbacks you might face.

This will allow you to prepare yourself for any setbacks you might experience during your shooting session.


Enhances Precision

The main motive of any scope is to ensure your shots are well directed towards the target. Using a good scope will let you adjust yourself to reticles and further increase your skills as a shooter.

Low-Light Shooting

Imagine if you had to go hunting in the dark; the lack of light will make it harder for you to locate your target for the perfect shot. Using the right scopes with adjustable reticle illumination settings, you can take advantage of the light transmission to see better.


The AR 10 is a high-quality rifle that can shoot across long distances. It would be a waste if you never use it to its fullest. By attaching a long-range scope, you would be able to zoom in on your targets across hundreds of yards to line up the perfect shot without startling them.


Hard to Master

One of the disadvantages of using a scope is that you have to be very patient with it. Shooters often need extensive hours of practice until they can finally learn to use a scope over a range of distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you put the scope on an ar10?

Follow these steps to mount your scope:

  • Align the scope base with the receiver’s mounting holes. Tighten each screw individually for a secure clamp.
  • Now, mount the rings. Next, evenly turn the windage screws found on the base. In the case of a dovetail ring, using a dowel can be helpful.
  • Check that the rings have a secure fit; if not, some light filing may be required. For a tighter fit, rosin or electrical tape is your friend.
  • Ensure proper alignment of the rings to prevent damage to the scope. Alignment rods can come in handy in this step.
  • After positioning your scope, your reticle and eye relief should be adjusted. Make sure your reticle is level, and your field of view is full.
  • Check if any of the horizontal rings’ screws need to be tightened. If so, follow an X pattern for a secure and even tightening.
  • Once the scope is attached, don’t forget to zero it for the highest shooting distance.

2. Is an AR-10 a good hunting rifle?

When it comes to extended range hunting, particularly for deer and elk, the AR 10 is one of the best hunting rifles you can use. However, as it’s pretty heavy, it’s not suitable for carrying long distances.

3. Is an AR-10 scope worth it?

If you look through the scopes we’ve reviewed today, you’ll see that they’re highly advanced and technologically enhanced for optimum magnification, particularly in medium to long-range shooting. So yes, it’s worth it!

4. What is a good AR-10 scope for 200 yards?

The Barska scope would be perfect for a short range of 200 yards from the picks mentioned above.

5. What is the best scope for ar 10 308?

This is entirely subjective and depends on the range of your shooting. If you’re looking for a versatile scope that supports both medium and long-range shooting capacities, we would suggest you get the Monstrum G3.

6. What mount to get for AR-10 scope?

As with scopes, their mounts must also be carefully considered before purchasing. Check out this guide for directions on how to pick a suitable mount.

7. What are people shooting for scopes on ar 10

Hunters are shooting various targets with their AR-10s. Whether you want to shoot a small or large game depends on you. Common animals to hunt are caribou, elks, oxen, which are mainly large and easy to aim at. Small game targets include rabbits and hares.

8. What is the best nightforce scope for AR-10?

Based on the capabilities of the AR-10, the Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x is a good fit. But once again, this is entirely subjective to an individual’s preferences.

Final Words

Picking out the best scope for ar 10 is not as easy as one might think. You need to take many features into account before you can truly determine the “best.”

All of the scopes mentioned above offer high levels of magnification adjustments with top-notch build qualities.

But if we had to pick one out for ourselves, it would have to be the Crossfire II from Vortex Optics. Considering the price you pay, it offers some of the best features, such as the multi-coated lens and high-quality Aluminum body.

We hope this in-depth review has been able to clear out any confusions you might have had. Always pay attention to the coatings of your lens to get the best light transmission.

Now it’s time to go out there and pick out your own hunting companion!

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