Green vs Red Laser Sight

Green vs Red Laser Sight: Which One is Better?

More people are starting to recognize the significance of lights and laser sights for their firearms. One of the primary purposes of installing a laser sight is to protect oneself and enjoy its benefits that you cannot get with traditional iron sights. With the help of laser sights, you can be aimed from any position accurately. Since laser sights are available in two color options, the question now is which is better. So, it will be green vs red laser sight.

When deciding between red and green laser sight, you have to consider some factors before buying one. Understanding how green and red laser sights were designed and your eye response are essential in purchasing the product. This post will help you differentiate the two colors to determine what color is perfect for your needs.

Green or Red Laser Sight Wavelength With Both Chart

The best way to explain why one laser beam might appear red and others are green lies on their wavelength. The laser sight wavelength defines the color you see. Color red measures at 630nm – 670 nm and green with a wavelength of 520 nm and 532 nm are the standard laser pointers. Our eyes are usually sensitive to green light, making green laser look brighter than red. Even the power output is the same.

How Visibile in Daylight is the Green and Red Laser Sights

You can differentiate the green and red laser sights in how visible they are in daylight. It is easier to distinguish green than red in bright conditions because it activates more receptor cells in the human eye. The wavelength emitted by green laser sights triggers both the M and L cone receptor cells within the eye. Green can activate 6 million cones in the eye to react.

That is not the case in reduced-light conditions, as the eye’s cones can pick both the green and red light equally. The performance of green and red laser sight in bright or dim conditions is essential when deciding what color of a laser sight to choose. If you are concerned with the laser visibility in daylight and want to save some money, the red laser sight is a good choice. However, if you use your laser sights in all lighting conditions, you must choose a green laser.

Laser Sights for Self-Defense

When it comes to self-defense, laser sights are becoming famous since several models are being launched for most handguns. Shooters and hunters find the addition of laser sights in their ammunition very helpful. But there are still some who find it a hindrance. Below are some of the advantages of having laser sights for self-defense.

Improved Aiming Skills

Most of the shooters practice regularly with their defensive firearm in a standard shooting position. But this is not the case in real-life shootings. When defending yourself, you might get injured and shoot on your back, from behind cover, or lying on your side and, the worst, using only one hand. Regardless of what position you take, the laser sights offer you the ability to aim and hit your target accurately.

Firing from these awkward positions is vital in surviving a deadly encounter, and lasers can help you accomplish this. You don’t need to align your eye to the sights to shoot accurately if you have the laser sights in place.

If you are focused on installing the laser sight for self-defense, you might have difficulty deciding which color to choose since you don’t know when bad elements strike if you can install both in your firearm, the better.

Helps Hit the Target in Low Light Condition

The red laser sight can help you hit your target in low-light conditions. Some shooters are having a hard time aligning iron sights in poorly lighted areas. The laser sight provides target acquisition and accuracy in dark areas. And since most of the encounters take place in poorly lighted areas, you can depend on laser sights. It gives you a better view of your point of impact.

Laser Sights Remain Target Focus

When in the middle of a violent confrontation, you need to remain focused on your target, and laser sights will help you to do so. You are not required to align the sights, as your sight picture is on the same path as your attacker. Whenever you are in a dangerous situation, you just want to focus on the threat.

Laser Sights are Lighter, Durable, and Reliable

Before lasers are bulky and heavy that it needs a custom holster. Now manufacturers were able to make it lighter and with longer battery life but very durable. Modern lasers are lighter, weigh less, and have waterproof exterior designs, making them resistant to water and moisture-free. Producing green lasers is pretty challenging because of the added components needed. But with modern engineering, companies were able to produce lasers that are compact and cost less, providing a better alternative to the stand red laser light.

Laser Sights for Hunting

Compared to self-defense, not all can use a laser for hunting. One of the primary reasons is that some areas do not allow the use of lasers during hunting. You need to check your local hunting regulations first before you get one.

Even if the area allows you to use a laser, it is not the best option. It is not easy to see lasers in the day, particularly for long distances. When hunting deer or other large animals, you won’t get close enough to view the dot. And even if you can view the dot, you have to zero it to the excellent range. But for smaller, fast-moving animals like squirrels, a laser can be very helpful. Some animals are fascinated with the dot, as some will be agitated and flee when they see one. Some experts do not recommend lasers for hunting.

Has Night Hunting Application

The greatest advantage of laser sights is hunting in the woods and a heavily covered area with dimmer light. The laser sights have night tracking apps that are very helpful for low-light hunting conditions and hunt foxes, wild pigs, and raccoons. It will be easier for you to hunt terrestrial animals at ranges as far as 100 yards.

Laser sight does not have magnification or optical adjustment. It relies mainly on your usual visual sharpness and the laser dot. If you cannot see with your bare eyes, the laser will not help you at all. But, many older hunters do not have any issue seeing the target.

Best for Short Range Hunting

For pistol hunting with short ranges, a laser sight is a good option. Compared to the traditional markmaship that focuses on perfect sight alignment while aiming at the target, shooting with a laser sight is all about focusing on the dot. It is ideal when hunting fast-moving animals like rabbits and squirrels.

Price Comparison of Green and Red Laser Sight

Many people think that green laser sights are more expensive than red ones. The truth is that green is cheaper by 20% to 25% than red. It’s because of the parts of a green laser sight that makes it more powerful.

Also, green is more expensive than red because of the cost of manufacturing. In manufacturing green laser, the high-energy infrared laser source is converted. In red laser sight, a red laser diode is installed, which is much simpler.  

Final Thoughts

In green laser sight vs red laser sight, which color would you think will win? The simple answer to this question is it depends on the lighting conditions and what is legally used in a particular area. Red is beneficial in low light conditions and is accepted in many states.

Green is best used in bright and sunny conditions, but it is more expensive. Red is cheaper and has the longest battery life, and is perfect for close-range defensive shooting. We cannot say green is better than red because they serve a different purpose. For hunters, we suggest to use the green laser sight when hunting in daylight. Red if the hunting is done at night or when in low-light. For questions, or if you want to share your thoughts about the topic, feel free to comment below.

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