How Does a Reflex Sight Work

How Does a Reflex Sight Work?

In several instances, shooting a target that smaller than expected might be a daunting task. It means that it can be difficult to hit it with precision.

A reflex sight, also known as reflector sight, serves to enlarge the target in the field of view. That means that the shooter can see the target with a lot of ease.

After buying a good reflex sight, many people do not understand how this item works. It is against this backdrop that I am carrying out this research.

I shall explain all the findings in this article, as well as any other information that you may need to know. Please read on for more information.

What is a reflex sight?

It is an optical gadget that enables the user to see through a glass element that partly reflects. The user, through the sight, will observe a brightened projection of the target. It tends to enlarge and or magnify the image that is in the area of view.

One important thing to note is that reflex is not only useful to the shooters. It can also work in any other function that requires one to view the item in detail. In biological studies, for example, a reflex sight is a requirement.

How does a reflex sight work?

First, you have to mount the sight over the barrel before you use it. It will project the image to infinity. A sight works on the same principle as a telescope and the periscope. The developer of the sight also came up with the two pieces of equipment.

A user needs to look straight through the tube. The optic, which the user looks through, has a small window on top of its housing. Inside it is some reflective material that helps to enhance the image under the field of view.

If you look inside the sight, you will see a piece of reflective glass. The glass is at an angle inside the housing of the sight. It projects the image of the reflective material on the front of the lens. When the user looks through it, they see the image projected to infinity.

For those persons who engage in shooting, this is a perfect and integral item for your activities. The sight makes the image very clear and to detail.

If you compare a sight with both the iron rifle and handgun sights, you will realize that sight is far much superior. It is because of its ease of use, accuracy, and fast action. That explains the reason as to why several people prefer it to other alternatives of viewing sights.

The sight aligns both the eye and the gun’s bore, as well as the image in the optic. Since there is no plane point to find when using this device, the user will quickly pick up the sight picture.

One thing to note about this device is that it is not excellent for long-range shooting. It can only work best when you have a wider field of view.

Are the sights accurate?

The sights might not be so accurate. However, it is accurate and faster than iron sights.

The difference between this device and the rest is the fact that they have a zero magnification. Sights are, then, typically lighter and shorter than a standard optic device.

A person using the reflex sight will be more accurate than the person using the other types of sights, or even the one who is not using any sight. It is, therefore, imperative to say that sights are accurate, but the user must put it up correctly.

Can you use it at night?

Yes, you can use it at night. Several models are excellent for use at night. Most of them also have night vision capability.

You will first need to figure out how dark it will be when you go out for an expedition. During day time, it can be easier to spot the target, but the case is not the same when the sun sets down.

Apart from the use of reflex at night, you can also deploy the use of laser light. It is an excellent complement for the reflex sight. You can as well use both of them if you have them.

How long can one sight?

You can sight approximately fifty yards using this piece of equipment. However, that is the most correct and accurate distance to see. You can still sight more than that distance, only that the quality of the image will decrease significantly.

How far can you shoot with it?

It means the range where the accuracy or the precision of the aim is at maximum. Without any magnification, you can shoot on a target that is about one hundred yards away. You can still shoot at a target further than that distance, but the accuracy will diminish or reduce.

Why does the sight dot move?

The reason for that is because, if you move your head, the dot will also move. That dot is a virtual image that is stationary and not fixed.

If you move your head, the location of the dot will also shift by the same margin. The dot also changes the position when the gun and the sight move.

If the dot is on the target, it will not move. That does not matter whether you move your head or not. The position will, however, change with the slight movement, either of the head, the gun, or even the sight. That is because it is in the tube.

Can you put a magnifier in front of the sight?

No, you can mount a magnifier in front of the sight. The only place to mount it is before the red dot. It will magnify the target and make it even larger and more visible.

If you mount it before the sight, it will not work. Your eye will be beyond the relief range, and the outcome of such a magnification will be a dark image.


A reflex works by magnifying images and placing a red dot on the target. It is useful for those people who are going out for hunting, especially at night.

For the best results, you will need to align your head, the gun, and the sight in a straight line. If they are not in a single file, the image will either be blurred or even out of position!

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