How to Adjust Glock Sights

How to Adjust Glock Sights | Back to Basics

Do you have a Glock pistol? Congratulations, you own a very crucial gadget. Recall that a Glock is an indispensable weapon and can be gigantically upgraded with the right accessories. For example, you can turn your Glock pistol into a more reliable and beneficial gadget by purchasing perfect Glock night sights. Such accessories can turn your gadget totally into a different handgun. This embellishment enables you to shoot your target with high accuracy, even in the lowest light conditions.

The only concern about the sights is that you will be required to adjust them to suit different target distances at one point. This is the problem of many folks out there. But while you are here, we assure you that we will give you a precise approach that you can use to adjust the Glock sights.

While there is no doubt that adjusting your pistol’s sight is a clear interaction, it can be tricky if you have no prior understanding.

Why you should know how to adjust Glock sights?

The bullets have to hit where you aim. If the sights aren’t precisely aimed at the target, you won’t hit it.

There are many valid reasons why you should know how to adjust Glock sights. For instance, if your bullets are hitting less your aim, you need to adjust the perfect picture’s sight. For sure, your sights must be correctly aligned for you to hit the target.

For the reasons, we will talk about how to adjust the sight to get an ideal shot. Before proceeding any further, be sure to read this content to understand what approaches are available for you.

Without wasting time, let us directly jump into it.

Are your Glock sights adjustable?

Your Glock sights can be either fixed or adjustable. But generally, there are no fixed Glock sights because even those called fixed can be adjusted using a hammer. The front sights are the only which are fixed, but the rear sights can be adjusted.

It is very easy for those adjustable Glock sights to make adjustments, whether vertically or horizontally, like what its names call.

All in all, it is very crucial first to determine if you are going to work on adjustable or fixed Glock sights. This will help decide on the right approach.

Safety is fundamental:

While you will be working on a weapon, there are some safety principles to ensure they are in place. These include;

  • Do not load your Glock pistol unless you are ready to point and shoot
  • Always treat your Glock pistol are already cocked and ready to fire .so, point the muffle in a safe direction.
  • Your fingers should be kept off the trigger during the procedure.

Different approaches for adjusting Glock sights

If adjusting the Glock sights is the rat, then there are multiple ways of killing it. Here we look at three approaches.

1. Using a hammer and a punch:

Also called the “redneck way,” this is the old-fashioned way of adjusting the Glock sights. The method is even used by experts when performing Glock front sight adjustment or Glock rear sight adjustment.

For this approach, first, fire several shots using your Glock so that you can determine the direction of adjusting your sight for maximum accuracy.

After determining the direction of adjustment, then remove the magazine and pull the slide back a few times. This will eject any shells that might have been in the combustion chamber. It is consistently essential that you empty your firearm before making any effort to do any work on it at any time.

Then, proceed to clamp the Glock sights while facing up in a padded vise. An unpadded tight clamp is also sufficient, but a padded tight clamp is prescribed to damage the gun.

Set the tip of your plastic drift or stamp on the side of the sight base – and the stamp or drift should be plastic for the exact reason that the tight clamp should be padded. Make sure you tap the sight correctly. If your gun shoots to the side, you should tap it out of the privilege.

Hit the plunger of your plastic stamp, or gently drive your hammer to get the best possible position for the sight.

Test the Glock to see if accuracy has improved. If you feel it still not ok, then repeat the steps.

Using Glock sight adjustment tool:

If you find the above approach bit not working for you, then it is time to drop about $ 100 and buy a sight pusher.

You will regularly find that adjustments should be made for gun sights even after completing another adjustment. This can happen for several reasons, but it inevitably will, and the job will be much more comfortable and safer with a good quality sight Pusher.

Nowadays, sight pushers are used in any sight adjustment or replacement takings. The downside is that if you will use it for one time, it becomes an expensive approach.

But sight pusher is considered a safe and practical approach for adjustment and replacement of Glock sights. There is no doubt that they are extremely helpful in ensuring that you save your instrument’s life.

The device is very simple and also amazingly easy to use. It is a metal installation that allows customers to customize their sights on different models and weapon types. A universal model offers more options than a model-specific one. That way, if you only want to buy one device, it is wise to buy a universal pusher.

When to use sight pusher?

If you are a gun enthusiast, having sight in your ammo stash is fundamental. Like I said before, a sight pusher is an indispensable device for people who want to adjust or remove sights.

It would help if you used a sight pusher, at the point when;

When you want to slide the sights easily, attaching, adjusting, and removing sights on handguns is incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. A ton of power is expected to perform either Glock front sight adjustment or Glock rear sight adjustment.

The tool ensures that the sight is firmly attached to the weapon and that the handles and wrenches can be turned effectively and instantly without slipping.

  • In case you are working on multiple Glock pistols.

If you are to work on multiple Glock pistols, then you should use a universal sight pusher. They are more versatile and adaptable than model-specific ones.

  • If you want to customize the sights.

Sight pushers make moving the visor incredibly easy, essentially eliminating the need to apply large numbers of pounds of pressure factor. Some models are additionally equipped with an anchoring capacity, which improves usability, makes adjustments more available and allows customers a steadier encounter.

2. Pay a gunsmith to do it for you.

If the above two approaches do not apply to you, find a gunsmith expert to handle the sight adjustment task. It will cost you around $20 to completely adjust the sights on your Glock pistol.

Call and see what your nearby areas have to offer. The lonely dangers here hit someone who has no idea what they’re doing or will cheat on you, which is why I’ve given you a reference cost.


Glocks are almost incredible, but for rivalry, if you need to have some potential to succeed, think about improving your sights, and we trust the approaches above should the question on how to adjust the Glock sights.

The three approaches won’t be an issue to either adjust your Glock sights horizontally or vertically.

Enjoy firing that Glock pistol that has now new and high accuracy.

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