How to Drill and Tap a Shotgun for a Scope

How to Drill and Tap a Shotgun for a Scope?

Do you have a barreled shotgun and now you plan to drill and tap it for the scope? Then we assure you that you have arrived at the right place.

When it comes to attaching a scope to the shotgun, many people don’t know how to get it right. Many do not know that the hole for the telescopic sight rail matters. It is the splint that secures the girth of your scope and should have a good foundation.

So it is necessary why you need to drill and tap this shotgun to mount a rifle scope. But we will talk about this work. While there is a risk that many consider taking their gun to a nearby gunsmith to do the drilling and tapping work, there are a few reasons you can choose to do it yourself.

However, more reliance on your confidence in how to deal with the risk involved. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn how to drill and tap a shotgun for a scope.

Why should you learn how to drill and tap a shotgun for a scope? 

No nearby gunsmith:

Reason number one is why you can choose to learn how to drill and tap your shotgun because there is no local gunsmith. In this case, it means that there is no one to help you.

Some people choose to do it themselves because they don’t trust shipping their shotgun to an expert gunsmith far away. Whatever the reason, it’s all responsible.

save time and money:

Drilling and tapping a shotgun for the scope is sure to be costly, especially if you use the services of an expert. So if you learn to do it yourself, you can save about $ 20 per hole.

This also saves you your crucial time. Imagine no hassle of finding or shipping the shotgun to a far gunsmith and who might at some time disappoint.

Room for adjustments:

Nobody can deny the fact that it gives you space to make things the way you want. This is also the case with your shotgun. For example, if you want to customize the rail used to mount the scope to your shotgun, you need to know how to drill and tap the holes through the receiver.

Steps on how to drill and tap a shotgun for a scope?

Now that you understand some of the reasons why you should know how to drill and tap holes for a scope in your shotgun, now is the time to know what it takes.

As with any other DIY job, there are a few steps you need to follow. These steps are very important even if you want to add a splint or ghost ring to your shotgun. The steps are not that difficult. You don’t need a degree or certification to follow the steps to drill and tap your shotgun for the scope.

Whether you want to add or install ghost rings, add an extra rail for the riflescope, or just customize the receiver of that shotgun, this is where we put our boat to sea.

For example, if you have Remington 870 shotgun and want to add a rail or ghost ring sight, you’ll need to drill and tap your receiver. A telescopic sight or a red dot can be attached to the rail.

 Step one: gather all the tools you need and require:

There are some tools and equipment that you will need during the drilling and tapping process. Some of the tools may be in your possession in your workshop. If not in possession, it should be obtained from a reliable store near you.

Some of the tools you will need include:

  • High-quality drill bits
  • Cutting oil
  • Ruler and white/black pencil
  • Center punch
  • duct tape

 Step two: guarantee safety

After you’ve gathered and made sure all of the above, you may want to get to work on your shotgun right away.

But wait! There is something else special, are you safe? Can you guarantee the safety of those around you? Is the location where you work ideal?

You may have answered these questions, yes, but ensure you have gained eye protection optical equipment like safety glasses. You’ll need to empty it and make sure your shotgun isn’t loaded.

Step three: prepare the workbench or space:

You need to set up a nice and comfortable place with minimal disruption.

Step four: mark the center of the receiver:

Using a pencil and ruler, mark the center of your receiver. Which pen to use depends on your shotgun. For example, if your shotgun is Dark Flat Earth, it is recommended that you could use a black pen. In short, if you have a black shotgun, you need a white pen and vice versa.

Step five: frame the drill target:

Use tape to frame the drill target. The step is critical as it will protect the adjacent area and make it easier for you to apply a center punch.

 Step six: determine the centerline:

Finding the centerline is great for making drilling holes easier.

How to Drill and Tap a Shotgun for a Scope mounting

Step seven: drill your shotgun:

After marking the target with a center punch, secure the receiver at the correct angle and drill the hole through the target.

  Step eight: tap the hole:

The final step now is to tap the hole and the process is complete. It is recommended to first drill and tap the first hole at the beginning of the receiver. Then follow with other holes as they move along the receiver. This way, you can determine the orientation. You need to drill and tap at least four holes.

During this step, you will now have a shotgun with a good-looking rail that will easily add other equipment besides scopes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the 3 types of taps?

Hand tap: characterized by straight flutes. ideal for shallow holes or through-holes

Spiral tap: these come in two categories, pointed or fluted. each is ideal in different areas. They are considered the strongest chip-cutting taps.

Forming tap: strongest of all the available taps. They are ideal for any chips and can suit making both the through-holes or blind holes.

What is the first tap to be used when tapping?

There are many steps to be used when tapping, but the most important is to ensure your safety.

Can you tap with a drill?

Nop, tapping, and drilling are two different things. For shotgun, please use a taper where required and a driller where required. Never interchange. You might make your shotgun useless. Interchanging might also not work for your shotgun.

Can you saw off a shotgun barrel?

Yes, it is very applicable. For instance, if you want to reduce the length of the shotgun barrel, you can use your saw to cut off the unrequired length.


So, there you have a drilled and tapped shotgun that you can mount a scope easily. as you have seen, the process is quite straightforward and requires no prior skills. 

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