How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision

How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision?

Having a double vision issue when using your binoculars is quite annoying. The best way to resolve the problem is to determine what could have been causing it. The main objective of this how to fix binoculars with a double vision guide is to help you deal with it accordingly. Optical problems in binoculars are not easy to fix because the lenses are very sensitive and get damaged easily if you use them without knowing the pros and cons.

Before we discuss the steps on how to fix your double vision problem with your binoculars, it is best to talk about the reasons why such an issue occurs. By knowing what causes the issue, you will be able to apply the correct solution.

Why Do I See Double Through My Binoculars?

Double vision is seeing a double image every time you look through in your binoculars. This indicates that the binoculars are out of collimation. The term collimation refers to the process of aligning the parts in both lenses of your binoculars to provide light to its best focus. If the process gets distracted, the device will register different images on each side.

It will be hard for you to spot a target if you have a double vision problem when looking through your binoculars, especially if you are bird watching. Double vision makes the device worthless as you will have a hard time distinguishing which of the two objects you see is the right target.

Below are some of the reasons for having a double vision:

  • Improper handling of the binoculars is one of the main reasons for double vision, which depends on the user. It does not matter how cheap or expensive your device you must handle it well and carry them properly, keep them in the case when not in use.
  • Be careful not to drop them and avoid exposing them during extreme weather conditions. It could affect the alignment of passing light and will become distorted and create double vision.
  • Poor adjustment is also a reason for having double vision. Our eyes have a different prescription, and if the device has focusing separated for each eye, the diopter requires some adjustment on each side before using it.
  • As soon as the diopter is set, the two barrels must remain in the proper relation. For binoculars with central focusing, the diopter needs to be set, and focus the binoculars by turning the focusing knob. You need to adjust it properly to provide the best possible results with your optics. You need to adjust both lenses so you can see the image correctly. Having different magnification for each lens can result in double vision and perceiving your target inaccurately.

Steps on Adjusting Binoculars with Double Vision

If you want to fix your binocular double vision problem, follow the steps below to make sure you deal with it accordingly.

What You Need:

  • Small screwdriver set
  • Tripod and tripod adapter
  • Blade (for removing adhesive strips)

You might be needing additional tools depending on your binoculars model. Before you start fixing your gadget, make sure you have prepared the tools you need.

Step #1 Locate the Adjusting Screws

Find the adjusting screws location. Most of the time, they are hidden behind plastic casings or adhesive strips. If you still have the manual, you can check it for the location of the screw.

You will find the horizontal screws at the eyepiece. It might be covered with an adhesive strip, so you need to check by removing it. You can use a razor blade to remove the strip. Be careful when using the blade. Make sure it is away from the lens.

On the side of the binoculars, you will find the vertical screws. Located above the rest of the binos, you will find the plastic screws holding casings. The location of the adjusting screws varies depending on the manufacturer.

Step #2 Look for a Target

It is best to use a star as your target simply because it is small enough so you can make an accurate adjustment but bright enough so you can track the adjustments easily. Choose the brightest star to make sure it is not a planet that you are targeting. Also, do not target star clusters or the moon. Pick one star that is isolated from the others.

Position the binoculars on the tripod and look into the lenses to focus on your target. Line it up at the center. The target does not actually line up, and this makes things complicated.

Step #3 Defocus the Lens

Some of you might disagree with this, but it will help you make the adjustments. Defocus only on one lens to see a clear one in one eyepiece and a blurry one in the other. Collimation is not the problem if everything seems to be lined up. However, if you have gone this far, then the issue still hasn’t been resolved. Let’s proceed to adjust the screws.

Step #4 Adjusting the Horizontal Screws

Start with the horizontal screws. Turn the screws 1/8th of a turn at a time, ensure you leave lots of time for breaks in between adjustments. Every time you make adjustments, take it halfway to the proper position with one screw first and adjust the other screw.

Although aligning everything without adjusting the screws is possible, the quality of the image can be affected. So, it is a must to adjust both sides equally.

You must remember that you won’t get two pictures aligned perfectly as you adjust the horizontal screws. You need to adjust the vertical screws as well to complete the adjustments. So, you need to continue with the next step.

Step #5 Adjusting the Vertical Screws

In adjusting the vertical screws, you also need to take 1/8th of a turn at a time and pause every after adjustment, just like you did in horizontal screws. A five to ten seconds break is enough. Brought the images halfway together with a single screw, then split the adjustments between each side.

Step #6 Refocus Everything

After completing the adjustments and brought the two images together, the next step is to refocus the unfocused lens for the adjustments. Everything should be well adjusted at this point, and you should see only one image when looking through your binoculars.

Step #7 Testing

To check if everything is aligned, you have to test the adjusted binoculars. Look through the binoculars and move them back away from your face gradually. You will notice a beam of light coming out of the viewing lens. If you see the beams are straightened out, try them out into the star. Does it appear clear, and you only see one object? Then you are done.


Best quality binoculars are not cheap. So, it would be frustrating on your part if it does not serve the purpose of buying them. To make sure you will not waste your money buying them, you should apply proper maintenance. This how to fix binoculars with a double vision guide will help you keep your gadget perform at its best.

You should learn how to fix your precious binos instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a replacement. If you want to share your thoughts about the topic, feel free to comment below.

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