How to Mount a Leupold Scope to an AR 10

How to Mount a Leupold Scope to an AR 10?

Not all AR-10 owners are having a great time hunting. Some may experience problems with their shootings. To ensure you will have the best hunting adventure, you have to look for a scope that will help you enhance your skills and expand your target range.

Leupold scope has been a brand known for its quality products. Their multi-coated optics, clear lens coatings are made with advanced technology. The Leupold scopes are designed to last and will not disappoint you during your hunting adventure.

This post will guide you on how to mount a Leupold scope to an AR 10. Having this scope in your AR 10 rifle will give you peace of mind that it will function well when needed. Included in this post are steps on mounting the scope in your AR 10 rifle.

What You Need in Mounting a Leupold Scope on AR 10

The process of mounting a scope on an AR 10 is the same for both one-piece cantilever mount or traditional scope mount. But, before you begin, you need some tools in fitting the riflescope. You can use standard tools, but we are not recommending it as it can damage the optic. Check out below some of the tools that you can use in a mounting:

1.   Hex Bit Tool

You can use this tool not only on the AR 10 but on different guns as well. This tool comes with the standard wrenches and bits that function well on firearms.

2.   The Torque Wrench

This tool is used in fixing the scope mount on the AR 10 platform.

3.   Cantilever Scope Mount

The tool has a double ring forward reach and two rings to fit the Picatinny rails perfectly.

4.   Bubble Level

Not using this tool in mounting a scope could affect the accuracy. Ensure that the optic is leveled perfectly when installing the scope.

5.   Cleaning Patches and Rubbing Alcohol

You will need these cleaning materials to clean the different parts of the rifle before you do the scope installation.

6.   Gun Vice or Shooting Rest

You need a gun vice to rest the rifle in place, and you can also use it to test the mounted scope accuracy. You can find the cheapest if you do not have the extra budget for it.

Some of these tools are available at home. Shooting rest or gun vice is optional, but it has a significant impact on the installation process. After preparing all the equipment you need, you can start mounting by following the steps below.

Steps on How to Mount a Leupold Scope to an AR 10

Patience is essential when mounting the scope in your AR 10. If this is your first time mounting an optic to a rifle, you have to do it slowly and accurately. It will be a waste of time if you completed the process and find out there is something wrong, and you have to re-do the entire process.

Step #1 Prepare Your AR-10 for Scope Mounting

To ensure your rifle is not loaded, remove the magazine first. Position the firearm in the rest if available to secure it. Get the cleaning materials and wet them with rubbing alcohol. Clean and remove the oil from different components like the rail, mount, and screws. Use the bubble level to set it at the correct level before you start.

Step #2 Prepare to Add the Leupold Scope Mount

Place the scope on top of the upper receiver while the AR 10 is resting on the shooting rest. Do not place the mount on the upper receiver or free-floating rail because it might result in unwanted stress on the tube.

With your hand, use a torque wrench to tighten the scope mount to make it stable but not too tight.  Make sure to check the instructions provided on the scope mount. Take note of the torque level to prevent over-tightening.

Step #3 Place the Scope

After securing the scope mount, the next step is to fix the optic on your firearm. Drop the optic into the mount and ensure the rights are on the scope flat surface. Then take the top part of the rings and position it on the optic to secure. The rinds will tighten it in an X pattern.

Leave a gap on each side of the ring when tightening. Once you are done tightening the scope rings, it should have a small gap to move the optic. Check the scopes eye relief to determine the best position for you.

Step #4 Levelling

Position the bubble level on the flat area of the rifle tube. This step is easy. Just make sure the rifle is level. But first, align the reticle vertically and horizontally before you level the scope. To do this, focus on a doorframe or target vertically verified with your level. If you are sure it is aligned, place the bubble level on top of the optic to perfectly align the scopes.

Step#5 Final Step

After completing the above steps, the final step is tightening the scope rings and screws using the X pattern evenly on both sides. Check if your AR 10 Leupold scope is secured well and ready to use. Test the scope by aiming at a target and try hitting it. You will know it is mounted properly if you will not encounter any issues.

Final Thoughts

If this is your first time installing a Leupold mount in your AR 10, you might have some questions and encounter some issues while doing the process. We hope we were able to help you mount a scope on your rifle successfully. You need to keep in mind that leveling the optic and the weapon is the most crucial thing when mounting.

We suggest that you check everything with the bubble level as you do the mounting process. You need to ensure that everything is in place before you can continue with the next step. It will be a waste of time and energy if you notice that you have made a mistake at the end of the process.

If you will use your firearm for a long-distance shot, it is best to let the professional gunsmith work on your rifle and scope. They will work on scope ring lapping for you. It provides better accuracy and keeps the optic work properly. If you have questions or want to share your thoughts about the topic, feel free to comment below.

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