How to Mount a Reflex Sight on a Shotgun

How to Mount a Reflex Sight on a Shotgun?

Optics are not usually installed on shotguns. The weapon fires multiple projectiles simultaneously, which means it does not require pinpoint accuracy. If you are into wing shooting or busting clays, it will do more harm. However, if you are aiming at a stationary target, an optic can help you acquire it.

If this is your first time installing a scope in your shotgun, this how to mount a reflex sight on a shotgun will help you complete the task.

The magnification the reflex sight can provide is best for targeting deer woods, particularly on a slug gun. This will help you hit distant shots easily. Turkey hunters likewise use the reflex sight to hit their target within 40 yards or beyond. And with the popularity of 3-gun contests, more and more shooters are using reflex sights to help them acquire target fast in competitions where seconds count.

Why Use Reflex Sights for Shotgun?

For 3-Gun and other shooting competitions, a reflex sights look like the standard equipment on the shotgun. The sights are also used on some concealed carry holsters. One of the reasons for its popularity is that you don’t have to align your eye with the sight axis, unlike iron sights. Also, you can aim with both eyes open, which provides more situational awareness and a deeper field of view.

Also, reflex sights have no eye relief requirements. You can position it far or close to your eye as mounting options will allow. The only drawback in reflex sights is that they do not offer magnification, so they are only recommended for close-range shooting.

With reflex sight, the aiming point is projected forward into the lens and reflected the shooter, enabling you to aim. You can choose between tube and exposed reflex sights. The most common is the exposed reflex sights, as it has a small, open window with a projected aiming point.

The tube style is bigger but has an advantage over the exposed models. It has two lenses that contain a beam of light helpful in projecting the aiming point. Since it is in a closed environment, tritium is used to illuminate watches to accelerate nuclear reactions. You can use it to replace the battery-operated light source.

How to Mount a Reflex Sight on a Shotgun

Steps on How to Mount a Reflex Sight on a Shotgun?

One of the most important things you have to do before you start mounting reflex sight on a shotgun is to complete everything you need. You would not want to stop the process halfway because you are missing something. You must have the right scope for your shotgun and all the tools you need to complete the process.

Make sure the sights you have on hand fit your shotgun perfectly. If not, you have to find the one compatible with your shotgun. Before we start with the process, we have to prepare the tools you need in mounting the reflex sight.

What You Need?

If you are sure you have the correct reflex sight for your shotgun, it is time to gather the tools and supplies you will need during the mounting.


Loctite is designed to lock and seal the threaded fasteners. It cures when confined without air between close-fitting metal surfaces. The tool protects threads from corrosion and rust and keeps loosening from vibration and shock.

Torx Bit Screwdriver Set

This star-shaped screwdriver makes the screw more secured than the usual flat-head or cross head screws. It provides higher torque transmission so bolts and screws can be tightened securely.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber is a soft cloth used in cleaning the different parts of the shotgun.

Oil/Rust Preventive

As the name implies, it will protect your sights and shotgun from getting rusty. A small amount of it can make the weapon last longer.

Where to Mount Reflex Sight AR 15?

The best place to mount reflex sight is on top of the AR 15 receiver end. This is because the top of the receiver end provides the reflex sight more stability.

Step #1 Clean the Shotgun

Safety is essential. Empty the bullet shell first. Before you start mounting the base, you need to wipe clean everything using a microfiber cloth. Apply a thin layer of rust preventive product. This will protect your shotgun from accidental scratching due to dirt and debris. You don’t want to damage your new shotgun and scope. Improper installation and mishandling of the gun could lead to earlier deterioration. 

How to Mount a Reflex Sight on a Shotgun

Step #2 Mount the Base to your Shotgun

If you are using a separate base, you need to mount it to the shotgun’s receiver. You can skip this step if you are using an integral base. It’s a must that the base is well-oriented and the screws are well-tightened into the gun to ensure proper fit.

Once you are sure the base is fitted perfectly, operate the bolt to ensure the base screws are not adhering through the receiver and obstructing with the bold.

Remove the base screw, put some blue Loctite to the screw threads, and return the screw before continuing with the process. If you prefer using a torque wrench instead of the Torx key, make sure you will not exceed 25-inch pounds.

Step #3 Attach the Scope

Attach the rings to the base before you clamp the rings into the scope. If the base enables you to mount in different positions, you attach each ring in various positions from each end. The final position of the rings may change depending on the process. If you think the position of the rings needs some tweaking, you should do so. Complete this step before continuing with the next.

Attach the rings to the base. The adjustment mechanism should be placed on the opposite side of the ejection. The majority of the bases and rings have a small amount of front-to-back movement between the base and rings before tightening the rings. You should push the rings forward before tightening, so they are in a forward position of the slack.

When firing, the force will cause the rings to move forward to the rifle. Since you positioned them forward, the possibility of them moving once installed is reduced. You don’t have to torque the rings right away. Finger tightening is enough as you might need to move the rings on the next step.

Insert the scope into the rings and then loosely attach the ring’s top half so the scope can move freely in the rings. This will keep the scope from falling off the shotgun and hit the floor.

How to Mount a Reflex Sight on a Shotgun

Step #4 Level the Shotgun and Adjust Reticle

Next is to level the shotgun and adjust the reticle until it is vertical and horizontal on your shotgun. If you think the reticle is level to your shotgun, you can tighten the top rings. Apply a small amount of Loctite on the screws to keep it in place. Ensure that you get everything lined up properly as you allow the Loctite to dry.

As mentioned earlier, reflex sight has no eye relief requirement, so no need to adjust.

Final Thoughts

Reflex sights are an excellent choice for shotguns, whether it is for home defense or hunting. But, the weapon will be useless if you cannot install the reflex sight correctly. This how to mount a reflex sight on a shotgun guide shows you how to install the sight properly.

Some people find it hard to mount, but you will not have a problem completing the process if you follow the above steps carefully. If you have questions or queries about the topic, you can comment below.

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