How to Mount a Scope on a Henry 22 Rifle

How to Mount a Scope on a Henry 22 Rifle?

A Henry 22 Rifle is a lightweight firearm that is comfortable and easy to use. It is an adjustable rear part. The front sights have a hood that provides enhanced visibility to the user, especially when you are hunting.

It has a grooved receiver that is for mounting the scope, and its shooting capacity is between fifteen to twenty-one rounds.

The process of mounting scope on henry 22 rifle can be a challenge. That is the reason why I am putting up this article to guide you. Please read on for more information.

The tools that you require before assembling the rifle:

  1. The base. It is the part in which the system stands on.
  2. The mounting rings.
  3. A screwdriver.
  4. An Allen wrench
  5. The Torx wrench.
  6. The gun oil.
  7. A removable thread locker.
  8. The rifle.
  9. Scope for .22 rimfire rifle.
  10. The scope rings.
  11. A small level.

The procedure: How to mount a scope on a henry 22 rifle?

Build the base.

It is what the entire system will stand on. Always make sure it has a wide base so that it can be firm. There are two types, and they are either a one-piece or a two-piece scope.

Choose the one that you deem fit for your Henry 22 rifle. Always remember that it will have an impact on the optics.

A wrong set-up can even lead to the missing of the target when shooting. I would always advise you to go for a two-piece base because it offers more stability to the system.

I would not, however, write off the single-piece base as it is also comfortable to use. The difference is that the two-piece base comes with additional clearance when you are loading with the bolt exertion rifle.

Incorporate the rings.

Choose the right pair of rings that are suitable for the base that you are mounting. I would always advise you to choose the scope mounting rings that facilitate mounting of the scope close near the gun. That will make the rifle scope and rifle easy to port, or even dialing.

The success or failure of your hunting expedition will depend mostly on the rings (mount) that you choose. They complement each other, and the success of your scope depends on the combination that you will select.

Mount the base.

Mount the base on a flat surface, as it will give stability to the scope. Prior to attaching the rifle scope to it, add some sizeable amount of oil to the contact surface. If you do not do so, rust will form between the scope base and the receiver.

When you shoot, the force from the exercise can loosen some screws. To avoid this condition, consider adding a thread-locker to the threads of the screw. That will help to keep everything stay in its place and a tight position.

Screw down the scope to the mounting base, and make sure that it fits into each other well.

I would recommend that you use a removable thread-locker when screwing the cope down the mounting base. Avoid using a permanent one as it will require very high temperatures to loosen when you need to remove it.

However, if you are an experienced blacksmith or even a gunsmith, you will understand the effects of heating the thread-locker to high temperatures.

In essence, it will damage the optic as well as the rifle. It is costly to replace or to repair such items, and hence you should always go for the removable option!

Set the eye relief.

A wrong setting of the eye relief will lead to the formation of a black dot, usually known as the halo. The spot can impair the use of the scope when acquiring the target, and hence it should not be there.

Pick the Henry 22 rifle and place it on your shoulder, the way you would do when you are hunting. Do it while having closing your eyes until you find a suitable place to rest your cheek on the rear part of the rifle. In that way, you will find a comfortable and easy placement of the rifle scope.

Once you have done that, check to identify the suitable eye relief. Find the perfect spot by adjusting the scope, by slightly moving it backward and forward. Look through the riflescope and see if you can view the field when adjusted at the favorable distance.

Should you find that the black halo still exists even after the adjustments, do not leave it at that. Continue adjusting until you achieve the desired relief. Do this by moving the rings. Make sure that it does not exist!

Level the scope.

After settling on the most optimum eye relief, you will need to stabilize the scope. If you do not do so, you will lose the adjustments, and you have to start over again.

Secure the riflescope to a fixed position and adjust the reticle until it is parallel and perpendicular to the bore. When you achieve this, tighten the scope in place.

Tighten the screws. Be gentle while doing so, and do not forget to install a tire when doing tightening the screws.

Leave the thread-locker to dry overnight so that you can achieve the best results for your scope. Do not fire any shots before it dries well because it will destroy the whole set, and you will have to restart the process again.

The process is now complete, and you are ready to use your Henry 22 rifle. In case it does not produce the desired results, then there must be a problem in the setting.

You can always make the adjustments before the thread-locker dries up. If you let it dry, then you may have to restart the whole process afresh!

Can you use a Henry 22 rifle without a scope?

Yes, you can use it without a scope. However, the productivity will be minimal. The riflescope helps in making the target visible and close, even if it is at a distance. It can only work well if the target is very near, and you can see with a naked eye.

Can you mount it without a rail?

Yes, you can mount it without a rail. It works the same way as when you mount it on a rail. However, I would advise you to mount it on one. You can even use the base instead.

How long does it take to mount a scope for a Henry 22 Rifle?

It does not take long, provided you have all that you need the work. The only portion that delays the process is when you leave the thread-locker to dry overnight. A person with experience on the same can complete the task in a short time, and vice versa.


The process of mounting the scope for a Henry 22 rifle is almost similar to that of other rifles. There are slight differences. Make sure that you eliminate the black hole because it can impair the sighting of the object.

Tighten the scope when it is level, by adjusting scope rings. Finally, tighten the removable thread-locker and leave it to dry overnight before using it!

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