How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope without Shooting

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope without Shooting?

Shooting a rifle requires perfection and consistency, and for that, you need to take care of multiple factors before you go to try your skills while hunting or to a shooting range. The sighting of your rifle scope is also one of the pivotal things to do.

Why to sight your rifle scope?

Since the bullet follows a parabolic path instead of going straight to the target, you need to sight the rifle scope before hitting the target. This is important even if you think that the target is visible to you with the naked eye.

No matter what activity you are doing, like hunting or rifle shooting, you have to sight your rifle scope for sure. The type of ammunition also plays an essential role in this respect. You can achieve the following benefits also:

  • It enables you to shoot accurately on the target. Instead of shooting wildly, you will be in a better position to have your target hit in the first place.
  • You can have an idea about the exact maximum distance from which you can hit the bull’s eye. Since you can shoot and miss from a certain distance, it enables you to get the feel of the range, and the hit-and-trial method will better equip you to come up with the ideal distance from which you need to hit the target.
  • You can do the safe shooting as you know exactly where your bullet is going to travel. Safety comes first in any case. Therefore, you need to consider that you or anybody else around you does not get hurt during the shooting process.
  • It is more of a confidence booster which is essential for beginners as they need the required motivation.

Why Sight in a Scope without Shooting?

Well! Now when you know that sighting is a helpful technique, you would know how to sight in scope without shooting, but before that, let us discuss why it is to be done without shooting.

  • It ensures safety in and around the shooting range, as you need to be careful about everything before shooting.
  • You are recommended to sight your rifle scope without shooting, especially when you are short of bullets or do not want to waste your bullets. This comes in handy, specifically if you are not an expert.

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting

When you are done with the sighting of your scope without shooting and have taken the red dot sight in target, here is what you have to do next:

  • Installation of the scope: You keep the scope loosely installed. It should be tightened to such an extent only that it gives your eye relief.
  • Stable placement: you need to ensure that the rifle is rested firmly and on a durable surface. If you failed to do this, the rifle might sway a little when you shoot the bullet, and you may miss the target.
  • Line up your vision: you need to now line your target up with your vision. To do this, make sure that you have your target is placed square to the crosshair. You have to maintain a particular distance for this, and then you have to adjust the scope correctly by aiming at an object at the same distance. You can either use a collimator or laser sight for the purpose as they are supposed to produce the parallel beams.
  • Adjust your rifle: Now is the time when you make adjustments to the gun and the sighter such that you have this laser beam exactly in the center of the target. If you can see the beam in the perfect target, it means you have correctly aligned the scope with the barrel.
  • Tighten: Once you are sure that the alignment is perfectly done, this is the time for you to tighten your rifle scope, which you initially left just loosely placed. First, check for the last time you have done all the steps carefully before making the actual shooting happen.

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Important points to remember:

As you go about the sighting process of your scope, you need to know that the scope works on the basic principle of sighting in a scope with a mirror. So, to that end, you need to keep the following points in your mind:

Specifications of Lenses:

It would help if you had an idea about the two lenses of your rifle scope. The one closest to your eye is called the Ocular lens, and the other one on the farther end of the scope is the Objective lens. As a shooter, you need to know that the later plays a vital role as its size determines how much light you will be having inside your scope, and in turn, you will have an idea about the extent of magnification and visibility of your target.

Magnification of your rifle scope:

It depends on your preference how much magnification you need. While you adjust the scope of your rifle, always bear in mind that the magnification you set up for yourself will ultimately determine how accurate your magnification is.

You should constantly adjust the magnification of your rifle scope before sighting its scope; otherwise, accuracy will be compromised. You need to set up the magnification such as the scope stays bright ad do consider that most enormous magnification does not ensure brightness.


Now when you know everything about sighting in a red dot scope in your rifle, you are all set to go. You now choose to go to any of the shooting range and follow the instructions for sighting your rifle scope. With time, you will get more and more perfection as the practice makes the man perfect, and you will be able to shoot like a pro in no time.

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