How to Sight in a Rifle Scope without a Boresighter

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope without a Boresighter?

It is quick and easy to sight in a rifle scope or any other longer-range rifle. However, that might not be the case for you, the reasons why you are here. But we assure you that, you have finally set your eyes at the right content if you have been searching for how to sight in a rifle scope without a boresighter.

Though many people out there find it a challenge to sight rifle scope without a boresighter, here we are going to show you the tricks.

Perhaps, there are many ways of sighting your rifle scope without a boresighter. But, if you are not keen you can end spending a lot of money and time. Moreover, you can opt for an approach that can be frustrating in the end.

With the resources, we are going to highlight, you can be on your way to fine-tune the scope without boresighter. Importantly, what we guarantee is that you will incur no frustration or waster tons of ammo.

In the below section, you will find basic steps and the process that you have to follow when setting up your sight for accurate, on-target shooting with your valuable rifle scope.

Majorly, we will pin point how you can set up your gun and make adjustments so that you bring into line both parts for exact shooting. This will make your rifle scope worth hunting gear that will increase your chances of shooting your target while in the field.

However, before that, we first see some of the reasons why you should learn how to sight a rifle scope without a boresight.

Why should you learn how to sight a rifle scope without a boresight?

If you are a frequent hunter or shooter, then learning how to sight rifle scope without a boresight becomes eminent. The skill can make you a better shooter. Knowing how to freely make adjustments depending on the situation and preferences makes you a versatile shooter or hunter.

So, here we see the steps on how to sight rifle scope without using a boresighter.

Step by step guide on how to sight a rifle scope without using boresighter.

Step one: fix the rifle

The first step in the sighting of the rifle scope is to fix it by mounting it on a secured system. In setting up the rifle, you must ensure that it is tightly fixed. The mounting systems should provide room for you to shoot as you will be doing it along the process. More importantly, you should ensure that its reticle focus and eye relief are well set. 

Step two: set a backstop

The second step after mounting your rifle scope is to set the backstop. This is required because it is what will ensure the stability of your rifle when doing the trial shooting.

Use anything that can assure sturdy rest. You can buy readymade backstops, but if you can find something like a heavy bag or whatever heavy item in your possession, you can set up the backstop.

Step three: align your rifle.

After you have unloaded your rifle, adjust the center or its bore so that it is perfectly aligned in a straight line with the center of the scope as much as possible.

 Step four: set the shooting range 

The next step is to set the desired range that you will be shooting through. This step involves other sub-steps that are very ideal to follow.
First, guarantee that you are operating in a safe place. Like I said before a backstop is also a must at this stage and it is no doubt you have it already set in place.

Setting the shooting range is sometimes expert-wise and if you are doing it for the first time, it can be a challenge. But to make it not that challenging, start with a closer range as you zero in. start with 30 to 50 yards and adjust onwards.

Step five: time to manually boresight 

Remember our target is to sight rifle scope without a boresight. So after you set your rifle scope, ensured a sturdy fix with a reliable backstop, and have chosen the desired shooting range, it is now time to manually sight your gun.

The process can vary depending on the type of rifle that you have. For bolt rifles, it will take no your time and ammo as it will allow for normal boresight. But for semi-automatic, or those rifles with laser bore sight, it can be a challenge.

To manually boresight, remove the bolt so that you can manually check the barrel. Then, aim your unloaded gun that has a mounted scope to your set target. Position your head so well that you can see your target.

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope without a Boresighter

 Step six: shoot the first round

Aim your gun to the center of your paper target and then fire the shot. Fire like three-time and Evaluate the impact and the results. have you shot where you wanted? Just adjust the scope’s elevation and windage dial.

Step seven: shoot again

After adjusting the windage dial and the elevation, aim your gun and shoot again. This will help you determine if you have made the perfect adjustments.

This last step has no set timer, you can redo it severally until when you are satisfied that you have made the required adjustments and that your rifle is shooting with the desired accuracy.

 One thing to remember, consider using a lead sled or any recoil mechanism if you are working with a heavy caliber rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can you sight in a rifle without shooting it?

The answer to the question is yes. It is easy to sight the gun without even shooting it. However, you will be required to have a boresighter. This a tool that can indicate the projected point of impact of your gun. 

You can also sight your rifle without shooting it by manually determining the point of impact by visually checking through the barrel at a given shooting range and achieve your objective within minutes.

What power should you sight in a scope?

It doesn’t matter what power that you should sight in a scope. For sure, it should not be a factor to bother about if you have good quality scope. Though there is an aspect that higher magnification is considered ideal for better results on getting the target, you should not worry much. You can just get a magnification of between 9 and 12X and you will have no problem getting your target.

Do you aim high or low when shooting from a tree stand?

It Is no doubt that you will most likely shoot higher when doing so from a tree stand. This can hugely impact on getting your target and in most cases, it will be just a miss.
So, to give a clear answer whether to aim lower or higher when shooting from a tree stand, it will rely on the angle of the shot as opposed to linear distance.
But, aiming lower increases the chances of getting your target.


So, there you have the steps that you have to follow when thinking about how to sight rifle scope without using boresighter. The steps are very ideal not only for sighting your rifle scope without boresight but also to increase the chances of getting your target by increasing the accuracy.

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