How to Use a Laser Bore Sight

How to Use a Laser Bore Sight?

Rifle Shooting is a tricky business. The path of a bullet shot from a rifle does not follow a straight path. Instead, it goes parabolically, which means that you need to practice a lot with different ranges to get your target as a shooter.

Typically, the technique of sighting-in is used to make adjustments to hit the target from various distances. You should make sure that the rifle is not loaded when you are trying to adjust.

You have to make the center of your rifle barrel and gun optic exactly parallel to each other. If you are a beginner, you must need a lot of practice to get perfection, and you might end up wasting a lot of bullets in the process.

However, you can save on your bullets and time by using the laser bore sights. You can achieve the following advantages by using this sight technique:

  • You will be able to shoot closest to the target. For beginners, it comes in handy as they are not in practice, and they need the required motivation to keep it going.
  • You will have enough practice without having a lot of bullets wasted.
  • It serves as a precautionary measure as it will determine the exact point to be targeted.
  • You can even try to shoot from a farther distance to have accuracy and perfection in a short period.

Before going into the details of how to use a laser bore sight, you need to know about the types of laser bore, which are:

In-chamber laser bore sight:

As the name indicates, this type of sight is placed inside the gun’s chamber. So, it has these characteristics:

  • Gun-specific size and specifications
  • User-friendly as they are convenient to operate even by the beginners and amateurs
  • The screws of this sight are fixed and perfectly centered

Universal Chamber

You can have this type of sight if you want something which is

  • Compatible with all kinds of rifles and guns
  • Attached to the rifle’s cask with the help of a magnet
  • Not extremely accurate and precise
  • Much safer and secure as compared to the in-chamber laser bore sights

Guide to use the laser bore sight:

Step 1: Safety measures:

Well! Safety is the priority when it comes to rifle shooting, and you need to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Make sure that there are no bullets in your rifle.

Step 2: Sight Placement:

A rifle laser bore sight comes with different specifications and adapters according to the caliber of the ammunition. So, you need to

  • Choose an appropriate boresight that is compatible with your requirements
  • Then put the screw into the far end of the adapter
  • Tighten the screw firmly
  • Now calibrate the rifle once the adapter is firmly in place on the rear end

The adapter’s position would be like the rear end of the adapter will touch the inside of the rifle barrel while the front side will contact the muzzle. When you have gotten this far, you can now position the boresight inside your weapon.

Step 3: Evaluate the range.

Now is the time when you assess the distance from which you will make your shot. You can go by the hit and trial method, especially if you are a beginner. Another way to go about it is to go through the instruction manual of the rifle to have a more accurate idea about the ideal range for the particular weapon you are using.

Step 4: Place the rifle on rest

To have the best results, you must bear in mind that shooting a rifle is not as easy a task as it seems to be and is equally dangerous if not done correctly. So, the stability and safety of yourself and others in the range come first. It would be best if you made it a point that your weapon is resting on a hard and firm surface. Ideally, you should use a “Rest,” which is specifically designed for the purpose, but if you cannot manage to arrange one, you can use sandbags or any other thing that is a table and does not swing anyways.

Step 5: Align your vision.

Once you are done with the above steps, you have to target the object now. All you have to do is to point your rifle in the exact line of direction so that you hit your target precisely. You can repeatedly try until you hit the target, as with each shooting, the target is illuminated, at which point you hit it.

Step 6: Shoot the bullet.

After all the adjustments and attempts to get your target precisely, now you are ready to remove the boresight. Once you remove the sight, you can go ahead with the actual bullet shooting.

Important points to consider:

  • Ensure the bright neon colors as targets as they are easily visible
  • Unload the rifle during the process of using the bore-sight
  • Always position yourself just beside the rifle while you are shooting instead of standing behind it, as it may prove dangerous when the rifle retreats after being shot
  • Choose your range intelligently, especially if you are a beginner, because otherwise, you might end up disappointed and demotivated. You can go for a range between 15 to 25 yards.


So, this is how you can use the laser bore sight. This is undoubted a beneficial instrument, especially for beginners. With time, as you will practice more and get the required training, you will accurately take your targets. Since boresight is very commonly used these days, you can choose various brands according to your requirements and preferences.

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