How to Use Binoculars with Glasses

How to Use Binoculars with Glasses?

Using binoculars while having the eyeglasses can sometimes be a daunting task. That is because you may require some little set up before using it. If you do not know how to make it happen, then you may end up not using it as expected.

The eyeglasses keeps the eyes away from the peripheral of the binoculars, and hence you have to adjust before using it. It has some barrels that you should adjust to fit the glasses of the eyes. The procedure of making these adjustments can be difficult. For more information on the same, read through this article.

Is it possible to wear eyeglasses while using binoculars?

Yes, it is possible to wear them even when focusing on a binoculars. You will need to make some adjustments before using it. The manufacturers are sensitive about the equality of using such tools, and hence making it possible for all round usage!

The meaning of an eye relief in a binoculars

It is the distance between where the exit pupil is, commonly known as the eye point and the outer surface of the eyepiece. A binoculars with a generous eye relief is always the best to use.

If you wear eyeglasses, I would recommend that you use one with longer eye relief. That is because such persons require a high eye point where the image will form and become clear to the user.

A binocular with short eye relief will not present clear images, and at the same time won’t zoom in distant images to satisfaction. It is, therefore, recommended that you go for one with generous eye-relief.

How much eye relief is enough?

Most of them do have one of greater than 10mm. However, this is not enough especially for people who wear glasses. I would, therefore recommend that you get one of up to 16mm at the minimum.

The eyecups.

Most binocular have an old model rubber eyecups that are not flexible to adjust. When buying one, look for those with twistable designs. That means they can either turn up or even down with ease.

How to use binoculars with glasses?

The eye glasses keeps the binoculars away from the eyes, but it still lets in the peripheral light. If you wear these glasses, you will need to retract the eyecups. After that, proceed to set up the barrels of the binoculars until it matches the distance between your eyes. Look through your tool again and make the necessary adjustments to the barrels until you get a solid image through both eyes. Once you achieve that, you would have attained the recommended eye relief.

Depending on the type of the eyecups that your product has, you can always adjust by either folding or twisting them down.

Put on your glasses and bring your face to the eyepieces. You are now ready to use you binoculars as it is!

Can the eye glasses reduce the effectiveness of a binocular?

In most instances, it should not prevent the binocular from functioning well. However, much depends on how you set it up. To ensure that you have the best view, make the adjustment to your tool following the above procedure. The end result is to have a solid image through both eyes.

The effective way of using a binoculars.

Hold it with both hands. Look at a distant object through the lens. Move the binocular tube carefully in either upward or downward direction. You can also move it sideways that is both to the left and the right. Make sure that the fields are aligned correctly to form a perfect cycle. Finally, make sure that the interpapillary is correctly set, or otherwise viewing through it might not be comfortable.

Fixing a binoculars that won’t focus.

In some instances, your tool might refuse to function. When such a thing happens, then you have to rectify it. The procedure is to open the eye that was closed as you close the other. Focus again on the same object and rotate the diopter ring until you get a clear focus of the object.

Open both eyes and look again through the binoculars, and at the same object. By now, it should be at least visible and clear. If you achieve this, then we would say that the binocular is now calibrated for your vision!

Supposing the binocular does not focus again, then what would be the next step? The answer is simple, you will have to repeat the same process again. If it fails, then you may have to take your tool for some checkup.

Can they get bad?

There is no doubt that each tool undergoes wear and tear. The binoculars is not an exception to this case. There are several reasons as to why they can go bad. The common one is dropping or falling off. If you also knock it off, then the internal prisms may move and make it malfunction.

Another factor is leaving it under direct sunlight for prolonged period. The rays from the sun can damage the lenses and other sensitive parts, and hence rendering the binocular bad! Wherever possible, minimize exposing it to the sunlight, especially when it is not in use.

Why can’t I see through my binoculars?

Probably, you have not made the necessary adjustments before using your optical tool. The same procedure that you use while adjusting or glasses is the same that you will use for this process. If you fail to sight objects after doing the set up, then you might not have done it correctly. The end result is to have a solid image through both eyes.

Can I fix it by myself?

Well, it depends with the nature of the damage. If it is about the adjustments, then you can do that on your own. On the other hand, if the damages are intensive, then you may need to take it to a qualified person. Self-repairing may cause more damages especially if you are not sure of the procedure.

If you do not keep your tool clean at all times, then it can also get damages. You should, therefore, make it a routing to keep it clean at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Can I use binoculars if I wear glasses?

Yes, you can use one even when you have your glasses on. However, you have to make the necessary adjustments so that it can be compatible with the glasses. Do not forget to set a higher eye point for generation of clear images.

What is eye relief in binoculars?

It is that distance between the exit pupil and the outer surface of the eyepiece lens. The users who wear glasses should use one with a minimum eye relief of 16mm. Other users can go for one with a minimum of 10mm.


Using eyeglasses on a binocular is a possibility. However, you have to make the necessary adjustments until the image becomes solid and clear to both eyes.

A person wearing glasses will require the one that offers a long eye relief of not less than 16mm. On the other hand, a person who is not using glasses will need a 10mm eye relief minimum.

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