How to Use Iron Sights

Learning How to Use Iron Sights?

A riflescope is essential for rifle shooting, especially if you are a beginner. The shooters are using different types of scopes.

Each type of scope has a specific use and significance depending upon the activity and the shooting range. If you want to know about the service and purpose of the iron sights, this article will interest you for sure.

Important points about Iron sights:

Regarding the accuracy and use of iron sights, you need to know the following:

  • Iron sight is primarily useful when you are going out hunting or target shooting.
  • There are two types of iron sights, i.e., open sights and closed sights.
  • An iron sight usually has two parts when you have a look at its barrel.
  • One part is the eye-piece, which focuses on the target, while the other is the spike located towards the end of the barrel.
  • When you go out shooting, you need to align these two parts to have a perfect hit.
  • Once you have aimed your target, the adjustment of iron sights determines the accuracy of your shooting.

 Required gear:

Now before you learn how you can use the iron sights, you need to have the list of items.

  • Ear Protection: Since the guns produce a lot of noise when shot, you need to protect your ears. The sound of the bullet shot may be loud. If you do not use anything and you are a frequent shooter, you may have a hearing loss of some level. For that matter, you can either use earbuds or some ear muffs.
  • Ear guard: Similarly, you have to have high-quality eye protection. You can use some proper safety goggles to avoid any accidents.
  • The object or target: If you do not have any specific target, you can also create it yourself. Yes! You can draw the bull’s eye, for example. As a beginner, you should start with something having points or a bull’s eye so that you can aim at your target. You can choose your range according to your convenience.
  • Rifle with the Iron Sights: You can choose any weapon according to your personal choice and preferences. Some of them come with the iron sights, while you may have to select the sights for others.
  • Toolbox: You can have a toolbox at your disposal. Although you may need just a screwdriver, you should keep the toolbox within your arm’s length.

How to use the Iron Sights:

Now comes the steps to use the iron sight.

Set up the target:

  • First of all, set up your target at whatever range you are comfortable with. Just be sure that it is a safe distance to avoid any accidents.
  • Choose a place where your bullet will have a good stop if it passes the target.
  • A shooting range or a place in the forests might be good options.

Start shooting:

Now you are almost ready to shoot. Bear in mind that you might come across 3 kinds of iron sights.

  • Open: This is the basic style where you will have a U-shaped or 2 posts when you go for the rear sight. One is closer to the eyes, while the single post is located at the far end of the barrel.
  • Aperture: The aperture style has a ring or a peephole from which you look through. The other end of the barrel has another ring. You may find the Aperture sights with a single or more post inside them.
  • Bead: IF you have a shotgun, it is likely to have this type of iron sight. It has a bead on the end of the barrel, while you will have the rearview as a short post.

Simple Application:

Now you have to proceed to the next step:

  • Raise your rifle to the level where it is easy for you to have a clear view.
  • Make sure that you get a sharp view seeing through the ring or the rear post.
  • You will ideally have an alignment of your view and the front post or ring.
  • If you have a ring, you can circle your target.
  • If you have a post, make sure that you have your post or center precisely on the aiming point so that your point locates at the top of the post.

Sighting the Iron Sight:

Zeroing an iron sight does not take long to learn. It is just a matter of practice and dedication.

  • First of all, find the mechanical zero of the iron sights.
  • You can do it by rotating the rear as well as front sights. You may have the rifle where this step has already been done.
  • Now you will start aiming at your target. Initially, you will shoot five bullets at your target.
  • The ideal distance here should be 25 yards.
  • Check where you are shooting and where your bullet is hitting. You should be able to beat them all together close to each other.
  • Now you need to know to have clear horizontal, vertical and central lines to adjust the sights accordingly.

If you want to adjust the sight to the right, you will rotate the windage knob towards the right and vice versa.

Important points to remember:

  • It is a common perception that you can not use the sights if your rifle already has a scope. This is a misconception. It will improve your view, and you will be better able to enjoy your rifle shooting. You can surely use them in combination to have an ultimate shooting experience.
  • However, it is also true that open sights are far more advantageous than rifle scopes. Yes! The open sights are lighter, far more reliable, lower profile, cost-effective, less prone to damage, and easy to be zeroed than the rifle scopes.


After going through this guide on the use of iron sights, you will be able to practice and master the art of shooting. It requires a lot of technical knowledge about the different types of sights and how you can use these sights.

So, it is always good for you if you gather the information before you finally start shooting. As far as the availability of the rifles, the scopes, and the sights is concerned, you can explore different options like online shopping and physical markets.

However, it will be a perfect idea to go to your nearest ammunition dealer because you need to check for various things before you decide to buy a shooting supply.

Most of the shooting supplies dealers are located such that there are shooting ranges close by. You can always try ammunition in that shooting range to avoid disappointment.

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