How to Zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight

How to Zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight?

If you recently bought a Sightmark Reflex Sight and haven’t zeroed in it yet, this how to zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight guide is for you. The reflex sight is different from the red dot sight, but zeroing them is almost the same.  

Use only the recommended ammunition for your Sightmark Reflex Sight. Some sights are compatible only for a limited type of rifles, while others are for specific guns only. So, it is best to check the manufacturer’s manual first.

This post includes facts about Sightmark Reflex Sight, how to use it, and how to zero it. So, if this is your first time using the sight, this complete guide for you.

Facts About Sightmark Reflex Sight

Sightmark is a lightweight reflex optic that offers an incredible field-of-view and great target acquisition because of the different sizes of its reticle. You can alter the size of the dot at the reticle’s center and the brightness or colors with the switch at the optical housing side.

The sight’s accuracy is not compromised. It does not matter if you are indoor or outdoor. It also has built-in parallax compensation, but it does not have windage or elevation adjustment dials. The built-in mounting base works best in Weaver or Picatinny rails, making it the easiest to use reflex sights. You can swap it from one ammunition to another straight from the box.

Sightmark Reflex Sight is waterproof and designed with lightweight aluminum alloy, ideal for rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

The Essential Parts of a Sightmark Reflex Sight

Before we start with the process, it is best to know the different parts of the Sightmark Reflex Sight. Some of the vital parts are as follows:

The Windage and Elevation

The sight package includes an Allen wrench to adjust the windage and elevation that affect the reticle point of impact. One-click moves the point of impact one inch at 100 yards.

The Field of View

Sightmark Reflex Sight has a wider field of view which helps access the angle through the electromagnetic radiation the sight picks up. It enables coverage of an area instead of a single focused point.

Brightness Control 

The sight is equipped with a digital switch button and red/green illuminated reticle on the side to control the brightness in any lighting condition.


CR123A battery powers the Sightmark Reflex Sight for up to 2000 hours of continuous use. It requires replacement once the reticle grows dim or does not illuminate.


A reflex sight reticle helps the shooter adapt to different lighting conditions. A very dim reticle can help you see clearly in low light conditions, while the brighter reticle provides a clearer view in full sunlight.

What You Need?

  • Sightmark Reflex Sight
  • Target (it does not matter what it is made of as long as it will not move during test fire)
  • Ammunition
  • Wrench tool and Allen tool
  • Vice or gun rest

Steps on How to Zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight?

Here are simple steps on how to zero your reflex sight:

Step #1 Install Your Sightmark Reflex Sight

  • It has integrated rails that can fit the standard Picatinny and Weaver rails.
  • Loosen the mount by flipping open the lever found at the side of the sight.
  • Position the sight on your firearm rail with the objective lens facing the muzzle.
  • Make sure the sight sits flap over the rail, and the crossbolt is between the rail grooves.
  • Once the sight is in place, flip back the quick detach lever to lock it.
  • If you need to adjust the mount, detach the sight from the weaver mount. You will see the adjustable nut below. Use the wrench tool to loosened or tightened to adjust the mount width.
  • Repeat the six steps until the reflex sight mounts firmly to the firearm.
How to Zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight

Step #2 Adjust the Reticle

Adjust the reticles accordingly and the brightness. Use the selection knob to do this. Change the brightness intensity that is comfortable for you even during at night.

Step #3 Position Your Ammunition in the Rest

Once you have completed the brightness adjustment, position the rifle into the vice or gun rest to keep it stable. You can also use a metal table top if you do not have a gun rest.

How to Zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight

Step #4 Check the Sightmark Reflex Sight

Make sure the reflex sight is mounted accordingly. Start aiming your rifle at 50 to 100 yards away from your target. Make sure you have calibrated all for optimum performance and aim.

Step #5 Test Fire

Fire around five shots to check if your aim is accurate. If not, you can make some adjustments with the reticle, windage, and elevation and test fire again. You can repeat this step repeatedly until you are only a few inches away from the target’s center.

How to Zero a Sightmark Reflex Sight


Here are some tips to keep your Sightmark Reflex Sight in good condition longer.

  • Make sure the reflex sight is attached to the rifle before storing. Do not forget to turn it off. Always turn down the intensity level to zero when not in use.
  • Protect the sight using the cover included in the package.
  • If you will store your rifle longer, remove the reflex sight and the batteries. This will ensure not only your safety but the people around you as well.
  • Do not forget to clean your reflex sight and gun before putting them in the storage. You can use a lens cleaning solution to the lens. Blow on the lenses before wiping. If you do not have a lens cleaning solution, you can use pure water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What distance should you zero a Reflex sight?

You can set the distance at 50 yards up to 150 yards depending on your preferred range. The reflex sight is recommended for short distances and should not be used beyond the suggested range.

Do you have to sight in a Reflex sight?

Yes, just like other sights, the Sightmark reflex sight needs to sight in to improve its accuracy. It is vital to use the ammunition recommended by the manufacturer when zeroing the sight.

Final Thoughts

For some, zeroing a Sightmark Reflex Sight is not easy, and it requires patience and repeated firing of the pistol to achieve the right aiming. If you compare reflex sight with a red dot sight, zeroing them is almost the same. However, you cannot just use the reflex sight on any type of ammunition you want.

To accurately zero in your Sightmark Reflex Sight make sure to follow the above steps. If you want to share your thoughts or have questions on how to zero a sightmark reflex sight, feel free to comment below.

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