How to Zero Ruger 308 Gunsite Scout Scope

How to Zero Ruger 308 Gunsite Scout Scope?

Shooting is one of the popular sport in the world, and you have lots of options for what firearm to use. The most popular choice is the rifle as they are easy to use and readily available. However, you need to be shooting accurately at a good distance. Having a scope can help you with this.

If you have a Ruger Gunsite Scout chambered in .308 Winchester, you need to look for the best scope for your scout to help you shoot accurately. It is a pleasure shooting using the Ruger 308 Gunsite Scout. It is solid enough, making recoil easy to manage, but is light enough to carry.  Shooting using this gun is fun.

After finding the proper scope, you need to learn how to zero Ruger 308 Gunsite scout scope. The zeroing process may take some time if you are not familiar or your first time doing it.

To help you out with the process, we have written this guide:

What You Need?

Here are the tools you need in zeroing:

  • Your rifle and optic tool ammunition zeroing target ruler
  • Marker is used to mark your distance from where your shots landed and your target.
  • Binoculars is used in measuring the distance between your shots and the target.
  • Reticle is used to adjust the scopes and is usually included in the package

Aside from the tools, there are things you need to keep in mind when zeroing your .308 Winchester rifle scope:

You have to determine first the ammunition you will use. It is best to zeroing the rifle you plan to use in the field. Before you start with the process, make sure your scope will function properly. Ensure the mounts are correctly installed and the sights are leveled.

The mounts are simple, and the leveling is the process to ensure the scope is appropriately aligned in the brackets before you tighten them.

The scopes could be affected by bumping and jostling. Ensure there is no scope or brackets when stored and appropriately transported not to affect the zeroing.

Zeroing your scope works typically only for one distance. However, some scopes can be zeroed to different distances. Use the windage and elevation to adjust your scope.

Steps on How to Zero Your Rifle Scope?

The steps on zeroing your rifle are simple and easy. Check out below how the process goes:

Step #1 Clean Your Rifle

You have to consider all the factors that could affect the zeroing and shooting of the rifle. Every detail counts in shooting accurately. So, it is a must to clean your rifle first before zeroing for consistent and reliable shots. Make sure the barrel is spotless, and every part that needs lube is well-lubricated.

Step #2 Set Up Your Target

Setting up your target is the initial step in zeroing your scope. For rifle owners who use a zeroing target, ensure that it is at the correct distance. Draw lines starting from the center like a crosshair and mark the distance in inches on the target. Through this, you don’t have to go to the target every time each time you need to fine-tune the zeroing.

Step #3 Load Your Rifle

Zeroing the scope is carried out by shooting three shots simultaneously. For safe and proper shooting, load only three rounds in your ammunition to begin.

How to Zero Ruger 308 Gunsite Scout Scope

Step #4 Prepare and Take the Shots

You have to stabilize the rifle. Then, you can use a table or chair so you can do the prone position and let the recoil move your body. It is important to be stable and accurate on this step because you want to repeat your results.

Take three shots at the center of the target. If you are zeroing with several targets on the same paper, use only one target per set of three shots—no need to rush on this step. Take your time.

Step #5 Measure and Take Note of Your Shots

Use your scope or binoculars to measure the distance of your shots on the bullseye. This is for those who are using a zeroing target or create marks on the target. You might want both horizontal and vertical numbers. Take note of these numbers.

If you are using a standard target, walk to the target after making three shots but make sure it is safe to approach. Then, with a ruler, measure the distance of your shots to the center of your target. Get the exact measurement as much as you can. But for starters, it is expected to be off on your first few attempts. Just focus on your main objective to get near the target’s center in every shot you made.

Step #6 Adjusting the Scope

Review the numbers you have recorded from the earlier step. Then, convert the inches into ticks. Four ticks are equivalent to 100 yards on the scope. If there is no direction written on the scope knobs, the windage knob is usually right for right, left for left. On the other hand, the elevation knob is generally left for down, right for up.

You might need a reticle to adjust the scopes. The scope should include the tool in their package. If not, then you have to find one to make the adjustments.

Step # 7 Repeat the Process if Needed

After adjusting your scope, fire another three shots down range. If those shots hit the target, redo steps 5 and 6 as needed. Continue this process until you finally hit the bullseye with every shot you make.

Final Thoughts

Zeroing your Ruger 308 Gunsite Scout for the first time is an exciting and fun experience. We recommend that you zero your rifle at different ranges. If you want to master the process, you can do it several times. Once you are done, you can leave it zeroed at the distance you choose to shoot.

If you are joining a shooting competition, make sure you use the rifle you already zeroed, so you don’t have to do it again. Also, if you haven’t used your rifle for quite some time, you need to re-zero it again. This will ensure that everything remains the same. The zeroing process is simple and easy as long as you know how to do it.

Some Ruger 308 Gunsite Scout owners may have difficulty hitting their target, but it will be a piece of cake by following the above steps. If you want to share your thoughts and ideas about the topic, feel free to comment below.

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