What is a Good Cleaning Kit for an AR15

What is a Good Cleaning Kit for an AR15? Everything You Need To Know

If you have an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, you will be familiar with the delicate process of cleaning it. Regular cleaning of an ar-15 rifle is necessary to ensure they stay healthy. In addition, you can prevent your AR-15 from eroding over time by simply cleaning it regularly. 

However, the process of cleaning a semiautomatic is not always easy. But with special cleaning kits, you can easily achieve better results. There are many special kits in the market that contain all the necessary tools for maintaining your rifles in top shape. If you are looking for the best AR-15 cleaning kits, you need to understand a few things first.

Components of an AR-15 Cleaning Kit

Different cleaning tools together make a cleaning kit for your semiautomatic rifles. You get different cleaning items in a kit, from gun cleaning rods to special patches and brushes. Take a look at a few essential parts of a gun cleaning kit.

  1. Gun Cleaning Rods

A gun cleaning rod helps clean multiple parts and threaded rods of your Ar-15. In addition, you can use it to clean your guns right down the barrel. A special bore brush is attached on top of the rod with an adaptor to effectively clean the barrels of your gun.

  1. Bore Brush

This is a tool used to clean the insides of your AR-15 with the help of a gun cleaning rod. The brush bristles are hard, which helps in reaching those hard-to-reach corners. You can easily attach this brush to a gun cleaning rod to effectively make your rifle gun like new.

  1. CLP or Gun Oil

This is the oil that is used for lubricating your guns. You can use it to ensure your AR-15 does not get eroded in time. The CLP helps lubricate your AR-15 even if you are cleaning an AR-15 at a high temperature. You can also use it as a preservative to prevent your gun from getting rusty over time. 

Additionally, there are soft and small patches used to clean out any clogged residue in your gun barrel. They help keep the rifles cool and make them shine like new after each cleaning session.

What To Look For While Buying AR-15 Cleaning Kit? 

There are different cleaning kits for AR-15 on the market that have similar items in them. But what you need to know about them is that the components of a gun cleaning kit vary from one brand to another. So here’s what you need to look for in your cleaning kit for AR-15.

  • The important thing to look for in a cleaning kit is durability. You need to make sure that your AR-15 can survive many rounds after using the cleaning kit for a long time. 
  • Another important thing is compatibility. You need to make sure that your cleaning kit for AR-15 works well with your rifle’s magazines and barrels. 
  • Look for a wide range of compatibility in your gun cleaning kit to ensure compatibility even with a different gun model than yours. 
  • The type of material is also an important factor while choosing a cleaning kit for you to use on your AR-15.

Some kits may be expensive, but any other ones cannot match their robustness. Look for the best-quality kits for cleaning an ar-15 offering every essential tool. Some of these tools may be expensive, but they will justify their cost over time.

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